Sunday, June 23, 2013

CHAMPS: Mother's Choice for Champions

CHAMPS is a brand for multivitamin preparations designed for the health and wellness of the Pediatric age group. It comes in several variants which have been formulated to address the specific needs of various segments of the pediatric population. These variants include CHAMPS Vitamin C,  CHAMPS M, CHAMPS M with lysine, CHAMPS C plus lysine, and of course CHAMPS OMEGA 3.

These multivitamins come in small chewable tablets and in various shapes and tasty flavors. One cannot ignore that the real problem experienced by parents, specifically mother, is the difficulty in making kids take medications- and yes this includes vitamins. Tasty flavored syrup are good but once the teaspoon or medical glass filled with these syrup come close to the nose of children sometimes a long chase or “struggle” happens. Why? Because these still smell like medicine despite the “good taste”.   

This is one of the reasons why CHAMPS multivitamins become a logical alternative option for parents to offer to children in taking their vitamins and as we want to say – taking the vitamins the fun way because these multivitamin preparations come in candy form and with good flavors to suit the taste of children.

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