Thursday, July 4, 2013

Giordano Monsters University Fair

Last Saturday, I was invited to attend a one of a kind fair held at Trinoma Activity Center. After graduating eons ago, I was able to experience being a student again. Thanks to Giordano,  I "enrolled" to Monsters University and must finish some tasks to graduate. And since I brought Sofi with me, we were classmates for one day. Imagine the thrill when Sofi learned that we were classmates, haha! Never in a million years that we will both be students in one university. She got kilig when she saw our ID's!

The "task" Giordano prepared for us were fun! We got to play 2fuse in their iPad, kinect and guitar hero. After you finish all those task, graduate ka na! And since I was playing photographer that day, I asked Sofi to finish all tasks for us, haha!

Btw, Sofi asked me what's the meaning of this pie.. erm.. LOL!!!

Guitar Hero with Tin. Oh hello there, Ana!

This is one of my fave photo! Rockstar lang ang peg ni Sofi with Tita Kai! Woot!

Sully and Mike!

One of the fun activities at the fair was the face/body painting.

She got the hello kitty

She even posted her hello kitty drawing at the bulletin board. I know it's a Monsters University Fair and I asked her to draw a character from MU instead of hello kitty. Pero ito daw gusto nyang i-drawing to match her tattoo. oh well. haha!

Inside the fair, Giordano set up a booth where you can get your own Monsters University items right there and then.

I love all the colors! Parang uniform talaga.

Syrena and Sofi. aka Little Angel(wonder woman rises) and Little Jen :))

With my fellow classmates! Kai, Christine and Catch!

Monsters University Student Body(hehe): Kai, Arnie, Ana, Sofi, Rachel and Ava.

It was one of the fun event I've been to. I had an awesome time being a student again even if it's just for one day. Thank you Giordano, Cha and Havas PR for the invite.

Missed out the Giordano Monsters University Fair at Trinoma? Catch them at their next venue at SM MEGAMALL A, on July 6-7. 
Mark your calendars and enroll at the Giordano Monsters University Fair! Fun activities await the whole family!

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wonderwoman45 said...

OMG!!! I love that IG photo of Sofi being a rockstar. Super cuuuuuuute talaga niyaaaaaa *dies*