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Nestle Acti-V Go Lounge Event

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Last Saturday, I was invited to attend the Nestle Acti V Go Lounge event thanks to Nuffnang Philippines! It was held at Romulo Cafe in Quezon City. According to the invitation, it's gonna be a fun, worry-free afternoon of pampering and relaxation. And after a stressful week, imagine my excitement of what Nestle and Nuffnang prepared for us.

After I registered, they handed us this flyer kung anong activities namin that day. And much to my delight, spa was our 1st activity. Yay!!

We were able to choose what spa treatment should we get. I decided to have the back massage with cold pebbles since I keep on complaining of my "ngawit" sa back ko.  And wow! It was my 1st time to try the cold pebbles and kulang na lang makatulog ako sa sobrang sarap ng massage, haha! :P

With Ms Leah Dy of Toccare & Fruits in Bloom and Tin.

Next activity was DIY corner. I was given this blank canvass and asked us to design our own chiller bag. To be honest, medyo na-pressure ako dito haha! I doodle at my own time in my own journal.  But displaying my own design? Panic mode on! Uh huh! I thought nawala yung pagka relax ko sa spa, lol! But of course, I don't have any choice. Seeing some people designing their own chiller bag  and hearing encouraging words like "ok lang yan", "maganda yan", etc etc. medyo umokey na ako.

Anyway, I was planning on a chevron design kaso may nag chevron design na. I don't know how to draw naman. And since I love patterns, I decided to draw different patterns na lang. And when I'm done, I can't help but admire my chiller bag. O d ba? Therapeutic nga! Ang babaw lang pero I felt fulfilled haha! Can't believe I designed it myself. And people who saw my design said cute daw kaya parang ang sarap ng feeling. Gusto ko ulet mag design! :)) Even Sofi said she wants this to be her baunan, hehe! :P

DIY-ing with these ladies made my panic mode off. :)) (photo grabbed from Tin)

Anyone interested of having their own Shopgirl Jen canvass chiller bag? hehe!

After the DIY corner, it was time to eat na. It was my 1st time at Cafe Romulo and loved the place right away. Pinterest lang ang peg ng dining area nila, right? 

Food! Super love the salad and nachos with white cheese!

Selfie(s) mode with Kai

While we were eating, we were introduced to the new product of Nestle yogurt. Personally, I'm a fan of Nestle yogurt. I always have stocks in my freezer. My faves are fruit selection yogurt in strawberry and fruit selection in jelly yogurt. It helps me with digestion after I eat. And now Nestle has a new product that will be a good addition to our daily eating habit and will help us with constipation woes. 

Nestle Acti-V is the only yogurt that contains fiber. The active fibers in Acti-V called ACTIFIBRAS is not just good for your digestion but also scientifically proven to help regulate bowel movement.

Constipation and irregular bowel movement are some common tummy problems that we didn't know how to address properly. Some resort to different kinds of herbals and medicines that instead of relieving the pain, it worsens the situation. Here are some tips that we can learn and keep in mind whenever constipation and irregular bowel movement strikes us.

And no other than Ms. Cherie Gil is the new Nestle Acti-V endorser. And can you believe that she just turned 50?!! She exudes elegance in the way she talk. She even shared her lifestyle to us and her secret on whats keeping her young. Her day starts with waking up with a smile, being thankful, exercise, good diet and of course a cup of Nestle Acti-V.

It was nice seeing you again, Mar!

And since it's a relaxing day, we were treated to a short film showing with some cupcakes, truffles popcorn and strawberry smoothies. 

Yay for my personalized Shopgirl Jen pillow!

It's not too late to change your lifestyle. Start the Nestle Acti-V daily habit now! :)

Thank you Nestle and Nuffnang Philippines for the invite! I really enjoyed the pampering sesh and learning more about my favorite yogurt.

For more info on Nestle Acti-V, visit www.facebook.com/NestleActiV

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