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Outfit Diary: Chill Day

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

blazer: Bazaar
shirt: Cotton On
accessories(arm candy): SM Accessories Kids
accessories(ring/earrings): Forever 21

Blazer + sneakers = cute combo. Don't you think so? This is what I wore when I attended the Nestle Acti-V event a few weekends ago. I'm loving the weather right now-minus the rain, of course. It's a blazer/cover-up + cuddles/hugs kind of weather.  How I wish chill day lang the whole day. :))

Anyway, have you seen my arm candy? Can you believe that we(sofi and I) got it at SM Accessories Kids section? Cute noh? Sofi and I have been frequenting SM Accessories Kids section and we scored some more. Will share it with you soon. :)

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