Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beauty Counter: pH Care Cool Wind

Ok, let's have a girl talk. :) When you look inside my bag or vanity bag, you will find baby wipes, tissues, make-up remover wipes and wet ones. And these wipes have specific uses, and whenever I need to go to the bathroom, I'll grab one of these wipes to clean-up myself. 

And being a girl, we need to protect ourselves from whatever wipes we use "down there" aka private parts, right? We don't just use wipes just because they are wet, we need wipes that is really safe to use. 

And I'm glad Unilab addressed our specific needs with pH Care Feminine Wipes. 
What I love about pH Care Feminine Wipes: it's alcohol free, hypo-allergenic tested, clinically tested. And it has active cool for extra cool freshness.

Each pack has 10 sheets and resealable too. It's safe to use everyday and very handy. You can just put it inside you purse or pocket and you're ready to go, feeling fresh all the time.

You can choose between Cool Wind or Passionate Bloom scents for you pH Care Feminine Wipes. They are now available in leading drugstores, beauty stores and supermarkets for only Php42!

"Being clean is just not an aspiration, but an action".

Visit UNILAB's website or you can visit them their official Facebook page for more information. :)

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airam halili said...

I haven't used any feminine wipes Ms. Jen but I might give this a try! ^^