Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sofi's Outfit Diary x Kiddy's Arts Town

Last Friday, I got the result of Sofi's monthly exam and I'm so happy that she got 100 in Mape, 100 in Math and 100 in English and line of 9 in her remaining subjects. We're so proud of her! I'm so happy that she remembered everything we reviewed. :)

And since we want to reward her, we decided to treat her to Kiddy's Arts Town. Every time we are at Toy Kingdom, Sofi keeps on begging us to try Arts Town. At dahil lagi kaming nagmamadali, I keep on telling Sofi na next time na lang. Kaya last Saturday, we brought her to Megamall and made her wish (wish talaga? lol) come true! :)

Kiddy's Arts Town is a store for art materials, but there's also mini tables and chairs for kids who wants to color their arts right away. It's a great way to bond with your kids too.

We had a hard time choosing what picture should be our first, because, there's so many to choose from. There's animals, flowers, butterflies, princesses, robots, etc. I want sana na medyo madaming pwedeng i-color, but Sofi wants a princess. 

After we pay at the cashier, the lady manning the Arts Town gave us cotton buds, toothpick, tissues and paint/colors. And of course, our chosen drawing. 

Serious at work, haha! ;P After Sofi and I discussed what color should be the hair, her crown, her clothes, we decided to make our princess blonde and we went from there. :) 

You can use toothpick or cotton buds to remove the excess paint. Since wet pa sya, dapat dahan-dahan lang, so not to remove the entire paint. 

Our next project daw, lol!

Tip: don't touch, flip over your drawing para hindi magsmudge yung mga corners nya. When you're finish, give it to the store personnel . They'll put it in the microwave or oven(?) para magdry yung paint. And tadah!! 

small pic is Php149.75 and big pic is Php249.75. Btw, you can stick it to mirror or glass lang. 

top: c/o SM Kids Fashion
vest: gifted
leggings: c/o SM Kids Fashion
bag and headband: c/o SM Accessories Kids
shoes: chicco

Sofi's so happy with her princess! Now, we're planning to come back for more! haha! :P Visit Kiddy's Arts Town at Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall and have an art fun for the whole family! :))


RebelSweetHrt said...

Your daughter really knows how to pose for the camera. So adorable! :)

chamee pecson said...

I like your little girl's eyebrows! :) Maintain lang nya paglaki kasi they look so cute!

Jam Daquio said...

that is just so rewarding for kids to have fun after stressing themselves for taking the test. weeee.