Tuesday, September 17, 2013

By the Bay Amusement Park

We now have more reasons to go and visit Mall of Asia. I remember that whenever we have foreign guests and ask them where they want to go, Mall of Asia is included in their itineraries or a must visit. It's like one of the tourist attraction, right?

And every time I go to MOA, I am amazed on how big it really is. Stores after stores, imported and local brands are also there, and lots of restaurants to choose from. I thought that's everything MOA has to offer. But when we were invited by SM FECI (SM Family Entertainment Center Inc.) for an exclusive blogger day(too bad I was not able to bring Sofi) and enjoy the special attractions, such as the MOA Eye, Cruise By The Bay, and Drop Zone, it was one of the trips I will never forget. :)

“MOA Eye” is the biggest and tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines. Featuring 36 six-seater air-conditioned gondolas, MOA Eye is conveniently located along the stretch of SM By the Bay Amusement Park. With a diameter of 180 feet or 55 meters, the “Big Wheel” as it is fondly called boasts of a clear and picturesque 360 degree view of the SM Mall of Asia and Pasay City thus giving a better vantage point of the famed Manila Bay sunset. (source here)

When I was a kid, I never experienced riding a "ferris wheel" (so please excuse my nervousness). And when I saw MOA Eye from the distance, na excite ako. But as we got near sa place, medyo kinabahan na ako, haha! As far as I know, I don't have any fear of heights. But I didn't know that MOA Eye is really that BIG or that HIGH! It's a 10 minute/round ride. At first, gusto ko na sana magback out. I don't think I can last that long. You know, confined in a small gondola, going up, up and away, haha! Pero since I don't want to waste my trip to the south, and all of us are gonna ride anyway, go pa din ako. :))

I'm glad one of my good friends Rachel was with me. I asked her when we were approaching MOA Eye if kaya ko ba ito, and she said kaya ko daw. LOL! Thanks, Rache for the encouragement! :))

I'm happy that Ava and Athan were inside with us at the gondola as well.  When we were getting higher, the less nervous I feel. Ang saya lang! Can't believe I was really up there! :))

Overall, I really enjoyed my MOA Eye experience. We get to see the beauty of Manila from above. The metro skyline was amazing. And the prices are pocket friendly too.

After our MOA Eye experience, we went straight to Cruise by the Bay. When you're in the boat and go beyond the shore line, you get to see the beauty of Manila by the bay.  So, it was a wake up call for me. Let's help and save the environment so our next generation will enjoy and appreciate the beauty Manila Bay has to offer. 

 The sun was just setting kaya perfect for cruising. 

It's a 20 minute boat ride. And our boat is good for 30 people. Safety measures are there top priority. There's a life jacket for each passenger. The waves is just perfect. I really enjoyed the smooth boat ride. 

Amazing sunset :) Can't help but take lots of pictures. hehe. :P

Our 3rd and last activity was the Drop Zone. It's a five stories free fall experience. Looks like bungee jumping version.

For only php200, you get to experience the thrill of free fall jumping-Twice. One from facing forward and one from backwards.

Told you, the sunset was such a beauty. Can't help making "selfie" photo, haha!

This time, I was not able to try this one. Sad, I know. :( But I promised myself that next time there's a chance to try Drop Zone, I will definitely do it na.

Really had fun with these girls. :)

To capped the night of at MOA, every friday night at 7pm, they have fireworks na. How cool is that, right? :))

The amusement park at MOA has a lot to offer. There's kiddie rides, bump cars and lots of activities to enjoy. It's a perfect day out for friends and families. And perfect for dates too. ;) If you want a little adventure, hitting two birds in one stone- malling and enjoying a fun outdoor activities, Mall of Asia is the place to be. :)

Thank you, Full Circles and SM MOA for this experience. Truly enjoyed my MOA adventure trip. :))

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Jam Daquio said...

whoah! i didnt know that Manila can have this. lol!!! because ive been addicted to Korea's reality show and they have a lot of this kind.. much better if the bay will be as clean, swear!