Thursday, September 12, 2013

Outfit Diary: Love this Life

on Sofi:
shirt and skirt: SM Kids Fashion
shoes: Hello Kitty

on Me:
top and shorts: Bazaar
belt: SM Accessories
shoes: SM Parisian

I know that it's been a long time since I posted my outfit diary. But I've been taking pics of my outfit every time I go out, so expect a lot of outfit post in the coming days! :))

Anyway, here's what we wore one lazy Saturday afternoon when we went to SM Kids Fashion toon fest. Loved Sofi's statement shirt here from SM Kids Fashion. It reminded me that we should love this life that we have, embraced it and just spread positive vibes. :)

Kwento ko lang.. I've been meaning to bring Sofi to my favorite parlor in qc, but since I keep forgetting whenever we are in qc. D ko sya napapagupitan. Ewan ko ba, ayaw nya kasi magponytail. So kahit sabog sabog na hair nya, pawis pawis,  nakalugay pa din. (any mommy out there who can relate? haha!) So, since she doesn't know how to fix her hair properly,  I decided to chopped of Sofi's hair myself. Haha! It's almost the same haircut she had last summer from the parlor, right? (see my old post of Sofi's hairdo last summer). What do you think?  Ansabe ng salon? LOL! I'm glad she loved the result or else lagot ako sa daddy nya, hahaha! ;p

Till my next post! :))


RebelSweetHrt said...

Looking good, both of you! :)

carissa inez said...

hi i myself love stripe designed shirts good choice in pairing :)

Michael Macalos said...

taray! Fashyown din si anak! mana kay mommy! hahah :))

shopgirljen said...

ovcourse! haha! :))

shopgirljen said...

Thanks! :)

shopgirljen said...

Sweet. Thank you! :)