Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Outfit Diary: A little reminder

earrings: c/o SM Accessories
belt: c/o SM Accessories
watch: Aldo
shoes: SM Parisian

Last Sunday, we celebrated my daughter Sofi's 7th birthday. While I was looking at her baby pictures to photo grid for my instagram,  I can't believe that I have a 7 year old daughter na. Parang kelan lang when I first fed her and first time nya to taste cerelac. Look at the top left pic below, haha! Time flies so fast. It also reminded me that I have to cherish, appreciate my time with her and make MORE time to be with my family. 

And with all that's happening around us - bad weather, earthquake, tragedies and all the unforeseen incidents, let's make time for our love ones before it's too late. Let's appreciate them, tell them how we care for them, love them and hug them. One of the hardest part of life to face is regret. I hope you appreciate my reminder. tee-hee! :)


Mary Narvasa ☆ said...

You're outfit looks nice! :) And yes, we should all spend more time with our family! :)

carissa inez said...

love the pants :)