Friday, October 4, 2013

Outfit Diary: Tandem and Unintentional

top and pants: SM Kids Fashion
bag: SM Accessories
necklace: Anagon
shoes: Sugar Kids

pants: Bench
bag: SM Accessories
shoes: Tomato
watch: Sony Smart Watch

Here's one of my favorite outfit get up with Sofi. When we bought Sofi's shoes at Sugar Kids, she told me na match daw sa studded shoes ko, then she asked me if we can wear it at the same time. Pero when we went out one time and we were outside na, we noticed that we were both wearing animal print top with matching dark jeans. I swear it was unintentional, haha! :P 

This pair is one of Sofi's fave shoes. I'm glad Sugar Kids is leveling up when it comes to children's style and trends. They're stylish yet affordable. Two thumbs up!! And Sofi's animal print top from SM Kids Fashion is one of our favorite finds. Cool ng print noh? :))

My SM Accessories bag has been my staple bag for the past months. I got it from the men's section of SM Accessories. I really love the versatile style. Kaya I've been frequenting their men's section as much as the ladies section at SM Accessories since they have cool finds that I can also use. :)

So what do you think of our tandem outfit? :)


jaquiperez said...

so cutey mom and daughter tandem! :)

RebelSweetHrt said...

Such a cute mother and daughter tandem! I love how your daughter poses for the camera - fasyon na fasyon! Ang taray, even the way she carries her tote! :)

alyssa_marie_963 said...

Both of you look so adorable!! <3
Love your studded shoesies!


leirs said...

i love the matching shoes and the animal print tops!

Kaye said...

Fashionista mom n daughter! Cute! I remember my lil girl.