Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dance for Health: A Healthy Way to Live

Healthway Medical Group is one of our go-to clinics. Since their locations are inside the mall, they are accessible and every medical service you need are there. All major and minor card holders, medical benefits from corporation are honoured at Healthway.

And yesterday, Healthway Medical Group celebrated its 16th anniversary with "Dance for Health" A Healthy Way to Live dance battle held at Glorietta Activity Center, Makati. 

And we know that aside from singing, dancing is also one of Pinoy's passion. Whenever we hear a sound, a beat, music, before we know it, duma-dance move na din tayo. Who can relate? :) Dancing is euphoric and contagious and what better way to deliver Healthway Medical's mission of promoting "Prevention rather than Cure" than with a competition that celebrates life and all its glory.

Last September 26, the preliminary rounds were held at the SMX Convention Center at MOA and last October 26, they battled for the grand prize at Alabang Town Center. There were two major categories for the "Dance for Health Competition". One is the university division and the second is the corporations division.

Corporation Finalists:
Aegis Global Black Panthers
Maynilad Water Services Dancers.
Intellicare Intellimovers
Landbank of the Philippines’ All Stars

And during the intermission, the cancer survivor kids presented us a dance number! I must say kudos to these kids for not giving up to the big c!

And congratulations to the following for winning the Corporation Category!
Grand prize: Maynilad Water Services Grand Prize Winner
2nd place: Aegis Black Panthers 
3rd place: Landbank All Stars – 3rd place

Congratulations to the winners of the University Category!
Grand prize: Red Fox from EARIST
2nd place: St. John Bosco Institute of Arts and Science
3rd place: STI Balaraw Dance Troupe

 And the "Dance for Health" event also serves as Healthway Medical's platform to deliver their advocacy of supporting righteous causes. The company pays back to the community through its beneficiaries KYTHE Foundation and Centex. 

KYTHE Foundation is a non-profit, non-stock organization which aims to inspire children diagnosed with cancer and other chronic illnesses. For over 20 years now, the organization has been helping child-patients improve the quality of their lives through its KYTHE Child Life Program. Aside from providing emotional support, KYTHE Child Life Specialists also provide aid to child-patients for treatment and health maintenance.

The Center for Excellence in Public Elementary Education(CENTEX) is a public school that houses bright children from economically disadvantaged families providing them with quality education and necessary support for a shot at a better life. CENTEX is now operating two public schools in Tondo, Manila and Bauan, Batangas.

With 16 years in the medical profession, Healthway Medical continues to provide exclusive healthcare to patients from all walks of life. Above all else, the company stands by its goal of encouraging everyone to adapt a healthy holistic lifestyle. 

Happy 16th Anniversary, Healthway Medical Group! Continue to inspire us in living a healthy life!

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