Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kensington: A Majestic Sleeping Experience Mattress Launch

Last week, I attended the Mattress Launch: A Majestic Sleeping Experience by Kensington at Our Home, SM Megamall. The event were hosted by the power couple, Anthony and Maricel Pangilinan. 

The Uratex Premium Mattress allows anyone to sleep on its royal and majestic elegance and magnificent comfort that will suit everyone’s varied needs and tastes in comfortable style.There's 3 types of Kensington beds to choose from. There's Kensington Classic, Kensington Luxe and Kensington Oppulent.  

Honestly before, I thought sleeping as long as there's a bed, you'll be well rested. But, it's not always the case. You need to build a habit, a pattern and a good bed to achieve and enjoy a good rest. Dr. Deborah Bernardo shared her insights in why sleeping is good for us. That there's  a long term effects if you have poor quality of sleep. We may be young now, and enjoying every waking moment of our lives with no sleep. But in a long run, our body might not be able to cope when we reach our old age. 

With IDr. Stephanie Yan, PIID, she shared the benefits of designing your bedroom. Making it attractive enough to lure you into sleep and cozy enough to be intimate. Anthony Pangilinan also shared that as much as possible, don't bring your laptop, gadgets into your bed. Make it your bonding time, bonding place with your family. (note to self.)

Uratex also held a Student Bedroom Vignette Contest wherein young aspiring designers designed a bedroom. And here are their designs.

The young group of ladies called this bedroom the "Alice All Grown Up". They used Kensington Luxe as their bed. 

An Aubergine Affair as the title of this bedroom. They used the Kensington Classic.

The Slumber in Lush bedroom used white decors as their aesthetics. And Kensington Opulent for the bed.

"Alice All Grown Up" took home the grand prize! Congratulations, girls! Good job! 

Group pic with our very own Kensington Pillow! Thank you, Uratex! :) (pic grabbed from Rochelle Rivera)

And in line with what's happening in Tacloban and some parts of Visayas due to Yolanda, Uratex gave 4,000 sets of mattresses, 2M cash donation for rebuilding school and classrooms and 2M worth of blankets. Super thank you Uratex for your generous heart.  Your generosity is the start of a new beginning for these people that can now rest comfortably with their Uratex bed. Thank you. 

Get to know more about Kensington Collection: Uratex Premium Mattress by visiting They are now exclusively available at Our Home branches. 

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