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My Little Bossings for MMFF 2013

When I got the invitation to attend a blogcon of My Little Bossings, the first thing that came to my mind was, finally I'll be able to see Bossing himself aka Vic Sotto. Sabi ko pa nga, sa dinami dami ng celebrity na nakita ko, si Bossing na lang ata ang hindi ko nakikita, hehe! :P

My Little Bossing's bloggers night was held at Annabels Restaurant in Tomas Morato.

Not only did I get to see Bossing himself, I also got to see Aleng Maliit aka Ryzza Mae Dizon! Ryzza is a charming little girl. She literally lights up the room. She's smart and funny too! Nakakabilib yung mga comeback answer nya every time may nagtatanong sa kanya, and she can hold up to herself kahit si Vic Sotto pa ang ka-joke time nya. No wonder she's a child star!

Thank you so much Melai for the invite! It was nice seeing you again! :)

Yes, may picture dapat. hehe! :D

Here's a little background of the movie: Not every generation produces a child star but this year, we have not just one but two of them who are set to show people that like Christmas, the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is all about children even in making the tills sing.

“My Little Bossings” is a movie whose time has come. Ever since the project was bared, the public has been counting months, waiting with bated breath how the precocious Ryzza Mae Dizon will jive with the decorous James “Bimby” Aquino Yap, Both charming and intelligent, but one street smart and the other “socially elite,” it’s an intriguing pairing indeed.   

As shooting progressed and as the two kids warmed up to each other and established rapport on and off screen, it became clear that “My Little Bossings” is more than mere curious case. It’s a casting dynamo bound to shakeup the MMFF and steal thunder from anything that crosses its path. “Nakakatuwa talaga yung dalawang bata. They complement each other so well. You can see that when you watch the movie. Nagtuturuan, nagtatawanan, sabay napapagod, sabay nagugutom. Masaya lang kami sa set. Para lang kaming laging naglalaro,” said “My Little Bossings” lead star and co-producer, Vic Sotto.

That is another thing going for the film: the sure success of “My Little Bossings” doesn’t rest just on the shoulders of Ryzza Mae and Bimby, but those of giants. One of the MMFF Box-office King’s co-stars is also royalty, none other than Queen of All Media and MMFF Box-office Queen Kris Aquino. It is said that one of Kris’ reasons in accepting the film is that she wanted her son Bimby’s first experience in making movies to be with someone of Vic’s stature and humility.   

For years, the MMFF doesn’t seem to be complete without a starrer from either Vic or Kris or both. This time they join hands; matching stellar power with stellar power, showbiz might with showbiz might, midas touch with midas touch. How can “My Little Bossings” not turn to gold?         

As most things come in threes, the power of the dream project doesn’t end there. “My Little Bossings” is produced by OctoArts Films, M-Zet Films, APT Entertainment and Kris Aquino Productions all of which have brought out their guns to ensure that it is a heartwarming, quality movie through and through. More than the big names attached to the film, “My Little Bossings” is a family film packed with lessons wrapped in humor, wit and laughter---exactly what we need in times like these.

Vic plays the role Torky Villanueva who works as a bookeeper for the millionaire cash management specialist Baba Atienza (Kris). Because of some conflict in her business, Baba entrusts her son Justin (Bimby) to Torky’s care for fear of her life. In the meantime, Torky’s niece Ice (Aiza) who lives in the same house with him, is involved in an advocacy for street children where street kid Ching (Ryzza ) becomes her special ward. Ice brings Ching home when the orphanage closed down. The fun begins when all these people start living in one roof while they each tackle his respective personal dilemma.

“My Little Bossings” also stars Aiza Seguerra, Jaclyn Jose, Jose Manalo, Paolo Ballesteros, Barbie Forteza, Neil Coleta, and Neil Sese from the direction of Marlon Rivera. Story and screenplay by Bibeth Orteza.

Congratulations to My Little Bossings cast and crew for being number 1 since its opening(Christmas day)! And also, congratulations to Aiza Seguerra, Ryzza Mae Dizon for winning the MMFF award!

You can still catch My Little Bossings at your favorite theater before it's too late! Happy New Year!

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