Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Outfit Diary: Denim and Shiny

neklace: Forever 21
bag and shoes: SM Parisian

How I wish our weather in Manila will always be like this. Chill lang. Our weather right now-post Christmas is perfect to wear scarf, denim jacket, blazers, cover-ups and the like. And here I am, wearing a denim jacket that I wouldn't dare wear when it's scorching hot outside. Haha! And also, this Parisian shiny pair sandals is one of my fave right now! When I saw them at SM Parisian, I actually prayed na may size 5 na available. Lol! Of course I got the gold ones too. Will post them in my future ootd! :)

Anyway, I guess this is my first ootd post for 2014! Yay!!! And did you notice that I have a DOTCOM already? Woot woot!!! What a way to start my 2014, right? :)) Promise, I'll blog more often and share with you all the latest happenings in the metro + my share of my ootd's too. I'll be trying a little experiment for my blog and I hope you'll have more patience with me. Walang iwanan please. :))) 

 I'm excited for 2014! Are you? I know God has a lot of blessings and favors in store for all of us. Just believe! Like what Victoria Osteen said, "Don’t focus on what’s happened in your past; focus on what God will do in your future."

Cheers to 2014!!!

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