Friday, January 17, 2014

Outfit Diary: Sunday's Best

pants: Bazaar
shoes: Janylin (heels); SM Parisian(flats)

vest: Minnie Mouse from SM Kids Fashion
leggings: SM Kids Fashion
accessories: Hello Kitty from SM Kids Accessories
shoes: Sugar Kids

Yes, I'm catching up! Haha! So, here's one of my Sunday's best with Sofi. This is what we wore when we went to church and had a family bonding time later that day. I'm proud that Sofi put this ensemble by herself. She asked  me if she look great lang. Yun lang yung approval na hiningi nya sa akin, haha! :P And every time I approve, she always tells me na I'm the best mom ever. Lol! Sofi wore her new vest from Minnie Mouse collection which we got at SM Kids Fashion. Cool noh? I love it also and wish to have one like that, hehe! 

Anyway, what's your plan this weekend? I'm so excited for Saturday to come. Sofi and I will go on a field trip(blog related/opportunity). Yay!!! Follow me on twitter and instagram to be updated of our lakad! :) Happy Weekend!


edel leonsua said...

Sofi is so cute ha. Game na game! i can't wait for my baby to grow up! hihi! I also love your killer shoes, bagay sa mga corporate attires ko. =)

Mall Sale Lover said...

I like your shoes, confidence and your smile. And your daughter will surely be a model :-)

RebelSweetHrt said...

Kakatuwa naman baby girl mo! Game na game sa mga outfit posts. :)