Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ysabel's Daughter at Mega Fashion Hall

Last January 28, Mega Fashion Hall or the "high end" wing of SM Megamall opened its door to the public. New stores and kiosks opened too. And one of the highlights that day was the opening of Ysabel's Daughter. The first locally produced bath and body line that is all 100% natural.  Ysabels' Daughter kiosk is located at the upper ground floor in front of the much awaited H&M store.

If you'll notice the logo, we were told that it's a bee fairy. Cute noh?

Ysabels' Daughter is proud to present a line of body care products made from high quality 100% natural raw materials. What set their products apart is that thet use a much higher concentration of natural active ingredients like the purest of imported essential oils. Their products are carefully crafted with a high proportion of these quality ingredients to let your natural beauty shine from within.

Ysabel's Daughter is a proud Filipino-run company that can compete with what is out there in the international market. 

Olive. One of my fave smell!

Aside from honey, some of the top-notch raw materials that they added in their bath and body line are Jojoba Oil, Carnitine, Fine Green Luffa Shreds, Moringa, Green Tea, Walnut Scrubs, Essentials Oils, L-Arginine, Olives, Lemons, Oranges, Walnut, Laminaria Saccharina Extract, CoQ10, Algae Extract and many more. Whew! 

Good news! Ysabel's Daughter uses no preservatives or toxic chemicals which are sadly prevalent in many commercially available beauty products. It's also safe for kids and babies. It's hypoallergenic too!

With Ms. Cristina Cruz or Coty, one of the owners of Ysabel's Daughter.

You can also purchase Ysabel's Daughter online at and at the Ysabel's Daughter kiosk. You can also like them on FB to know more about them. 

Thank you so much Ms. Coty of Ysabel's Daughter and Nicole for having me and Congratulations on the opening!

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RebelSweetHrt said...

I love all-natural skincare products, especially those that are Philippine-made. I'd love to try this brand, too. Good thing they have an online store! :)