Friday, February 7, 2014

Paradizoo: Power of Three

Last January, Sofi and I were invited to visit Paradizoo. When I told Sofi that we are going to Paradizoo, super excited na agad sya. She asked me if she can ride a horse or see a pony. :)

At the day of the event, we need to be at the meeting place around 7:30am. Since Sofi was super duper excied, 5:30am palang gising na sya, haha! The meeting place was in Makati and we rode a mini bus to get to Paradizoo. And it is located at Mendez, Cavite.

When we got there, super lamig sya! I heard in the news na one of the coldest day daw that day. So we had hot choco and coffee para pampainit and start our day, right! :)

In celebration of the year of the International Family Farming, experience one of the most anticipated annual festivities in the field of agriculture as Paradizoo re-unfold Power of Three" (floral, vegetable and agri-livestock fair). 

We went to butterfly farm also, and let me tell you that catching this butterfly for a photo op was not easy. I quietly talked to this butterfly to stay put. No joke. haha!

And did you know that Einstein once said that...
We were mesmerized to variety of breathtaking floral designs, formal hedges and topiary during Flower Festival. We witnessed a stunning haven of farm and garden everyone would wish to experience. Additional attention-catching topics to look forward are The Knowledge of Bonsai, Biotechnology Products, Health, Fitness and Wellness, Vermi Composting Technology, Pineapple Jam Making and Aquavermiponics, a modern gardening technology.

We also got the opportunity to check out the Veggie Festival. These two sang bahay-kubo amidst the cold weather.
The exciting part of Sofi's trip? Seeing these animals live! Sofi only sees them on tv, magazines but not live. These animals paraded in front of us. We were just a few feet away from them.

First time to see a 5 legged cow. I thought may pilay sya or something kasi she was limping. Yun pala 5 legged pala sya. Amazing, right?

This horse is so beautiful! Ang macho nya!! And adorable heart shape na naka engrave sa kanya.

Tita Kai bought some carrots so they can feed these rabbits. Agawan sila agad, haha!

We got the chance of touching some animals after their parade. They were all behaved and well trained. Good job to all their caretakers. :) I was able to touch mr.donkey and a pony. Yay!! Look at our pic in front of the ostrich! Haha! Super takot ako nyan(can you tell it from my strained smile). The ostrich kasi was trying to escape from the caretaker's hands e. Akala ko makakawala at puntahan ako. Haha!

Check out the highlights at Paradizoo!

You can now celebrate this year of international family farming in Paradizoo as it unfolds one of the biggest festivities in the field of agriculture, “POWER OF THREE 2014” from January 11 to March 2, 2014. Learn more about agriculture, from flowers, vegetables to different farm animals and products you may produce. Also, watch a parade of different kinds of horses from the smallest to biggest type of breeds in merriment of this year of the horse.

Visit Paradizoo on Feb 15 to Feb 22 to experience the Livestock Festival. And once you get to know how to milk a goat, ride the horse, and witness a chicken lay an egg, or plant a coffee, cabbage or flower you can opt to buy the farm produce product. Then, learn the right way from farm selection to breeding of goats and sheeps on Feb 15. Lastly, be trained how to practice food safety on Feb 22.

Located in Mendez, Cavite, Paradizoo is ideal for picnics, educational field trips, outdoor and group outing programs. It is a fascinating paradise with soothing beauty of its flora and fauna. Have a taste of this magnificent theme farm with its latest attractions. Be part of the opening of Noah’s Ark, a comforting means of expressing a lasting tribute to your pet by selecting a burial vault and permanent marker in marble or granite. And have a glimpse of Wedding Pavilion and Boot Camp a perfect location for different events.

Park opens from 8am to 5pm. For you to explore more of this amazing theme farm visit or call 899-9824/28; txt 09178351111 for more details.
Bring your whole family and enjoy this outdoor activity! I'm glad Sofi enjoyed the whole experience(even if she was not able to ride a horse). Atlis now I can say that kahit anong hi-tech na ngayon, she was able to see, feed, touch some animals(not only dogs and cats). Let's enjoy some activities with our families and friends the old fashion way- go out and smell the flowers! :))

Thank you Paradizoo, Zoomanity Group and to You (you know who you are) for having us! :)


carissa inez said...

omg i went here too :D beautiful place right? :)
happy photos you have

RebelSweetHrt said...

My son will definitely love this place! I have to include this in our plans for the summer. :)

leirs said...

wow glad that you girls had a great time!! So sad that we weren't able to join..

Mall Sale Lover said...

Very nice experience for both of you:-) Kids these days need to experience outdoors with the farm animals, they only see gadgets and those things can sometimes fry their brains :-)

ruthilicious said...

Such a fun experience! It's nice that you get to go with your kid! I haven't been to Paradizoo, and looking forward to visiting the place soon :) I want to ride a pony too :)