Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sunsilk Hairkada Adventure

Had a pleasure to attend Sunsilk Hairkada Adventure at Greenfield District. Super saya because it was all about pink and white, lots of activities. Feeling ko I was in a school fair. Hehe. :P

They had free shampoo and blowdry session. 

We were given a pair of Dupe flipflops and chose blings to decorate them.

Angel and heart blings to prettify my Dupe flipflops.

Sarah Geronimo graced the event sporting a new do! What do you think? Personally, I loved it! You don't need long straight hair to be pretty. Even in a short do, as long as you take care of your mane, and you feel good about yourself, you will still radiate beauty from inside you. :) And Sarah G. looks great!

Sarah G with Sam Oh 

Sarah was joined with Julia Montes and Jasmine Curtis-Smith for the latest adventure with Sunsilk

These bonding moments are in sync with the lifestyle of three of today’s hottest young stars who, together, make up the most sensational barkada in town. The #SunsilkHairkada is comprised of pop princess Sarah Geronimo, the chic and sassy Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and primetime princess Julia Montes.

Despite their hectic schedules, each young lady never fails to find time to indulge in what pretty lasses their age love to do – to take a moment to be spontaneous, expect the unexpected, and have fun pursuing new adventures, without compromising their beautiful hair.

Sarah, Jasmine and Julia are just among the thousands of young girls who are rearing to follow their passions and go for an adventure. Fortunately, Sunsilk’s promise of smooth and fragrant hair all day never fails to bring out the fun and adventurous side of these three women. “Sunsilk’s Smooth and Manageable contains 5 natural oils that deeply nourish each strand leaving your hair smooth and fragrant from day to night. So now, hairkadas like Sarah, Jasmine and Julia can stay out under the sun, go to crowded places, even venture out to new locales without worrying about how their hair will look or smell every minute,” says Sunsilk Brand Manager Ann Esteves.

And we were given a balloon each and wrote our Adventure Hairkada wish. Hope mine will come true this summer! :)

Sunsilk aims to inspire barkadas all over the country to take on every adventure that comes their way with great hair as their ally. Just like Sarah, Jasmine and Julia, there is no stopping hairkadas from pursuing their goals together, now that they have help from Sunsilk.  Girls can now leave their worries behind and enjoy life to the fullest.

Join The #SunsilkHairkada bandwagon! Sarah, Jasmine and Julia invite hairkadas all over the country to leave their hair worries behind and embark on a fun-filled adventure. The #SunsilkHairkada philosophy believes that every young girl should be able to live out their passions with the confidence that smooth and fragrant hair can bring. It’s the same philosophy that keeps the winning trio of Sarah, Jasmine and Julia on the go and ever ready to take on the challenges set before them. 

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