Friday, May 23, 2014

Small space, big impression

More and more people are now embracing condo living due to its affordability and convenience. But one of the most common trade-offs is comfort. Most condo units are small and do not have enough room for you to create a living space you can call your own.

Below are a few tips and tricks from Mandaue Foam Furniture Store on how you can make the most out of your condo unit without sacrificing comfort and functionality.

Let the light in. Light is a key element in opening up a room. Avoid heavy curtains and draperies and use blinds or sheer curtains instead. These will allow natural light in and still give the privacy you need. Artificial lighting is another option but opt for slim and tall lamps, wall mounted fixtures or light pendants to add illumination and ambiance without eating up too much space.

Beds with pull out drawers at the bottom are a great way to save on closet space.

Use light colors.  A lighter hue on your walls and ceiling is another way to open up a room. Blocks of neutral shades like white, cream or pastels reflect light are your best options. Using a single color scheme for the other rooms will also help dissolve the division. Avoid dark colors or patterned wallpapers as these will make a small room even smaller. Accessories would be your best option to brighten up your room and give it personality.

A lighter hue on walls and ceiling opens up a room. Also, keep your accessories to the bare minimum and remember that these are just

Less in More. Clutter and overcrowding makes a room feel small and stuffy. You should first focus on the basic pieces needed in a particular room, like the bed in the bedroom and the dining set in the dining area, before adding decorative elements. Do keep your accessories to the bare minimum and remember that these are just to highlight and not compete with the main furniture.

Go multi-purpose. Nothing can save you more precious space than multi-functional furniture. Go for items that can be used in different ways like an ottoman which can be used for sitting and storage at the same time, or a modular sofa which can also be rearranged as individual seating when you have guests. Beds with pull out drawers at the bottom are also a great way to save on closet space. 

Customize! When moving into a new space, we often concentrate on the floor area but another option is to have storage built onto the wall or overhead. This can be cupboards integrated with your kitchen appliances or overhead storage or dresser designed to efficiently accommodate the bed. Customized furniture may be a bit more costly, but the extra space you free up will give you more room to move around and will be worth the extra expense.

Mirrors, mirrors on the wall. One of the best ways to decorate and open up a space is by using mirrors. Large mirrors are effective room expanders. It can lengthen a short room or widen a narrow area. Placed strategically, mirrors can also reflect light as well as attractive elements in the room like a window, another room or a favorite artwork.

Mirrors expands the room by lengthening a short room or widening a narrow area.

Condo living need not be a choice between comfort and convenience. By adapting a few tips and tricks from the furniture expert, and a little creativity, you can definitely look forward to living in a place you can call home.

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