Thursday, July 10, 2014

Comfort food at Cafe Naci

I've heard of Cafe Naci last year when they had their branch at BGC and thought of it as a coffee shop and dessert place. So when I was invited to try Cafe Naci at their newly opened Greenhills, San Juan branch, I was not expecting that they also serve full meals. 

They first served us their house specialty salad. It was my first time to try the Kani Mango Crunch since I'm not a fan of cucumber(really hate the smell), so I don't usually order it. But Cafe Naci's Kani Mango Crunch is an exception! Not only there's no cucumber in sight, I was not able to smell it too. Actually, I really had no idea that there's a cucumber until I read the menu! I super love the crunchiness of the crispy wonton. The wasabi mayo dressing is just right. It is layered with assorted leafy greens, kani, ripe mangoes, and vermicelli. It was an instant fave!

Kani Mango Crunch

This is new to my palette! A little bit salty for my taste. Maybe because of the overflowing mozzarella cheese! All cheese lovers will definitely love this!

Adobo Canneloni 

Can you believe that under all this sauce is a potato pancake? Yup! Together with smoked salmon(strips) + their own hand-made bread = perfect combo!

Smoked Salmon & Potato Pancakes

Their Crispy Fried Chicken reminds me of country style flavor. Loved the buttermilk taste. Served with fries.

THIS! Wow, this all-day breakfast Bacon Liempo with garlic rice is unforgettable!!!! They're so crunchy! Yum!

Perivuan Chicken Rice is one of their house specialty. Perfect for sharing!

Yep! Life of a blogger! Picture 1st before you eat. haha! :P

Chef Ed's Pork Skank is a signature dish from Cafe Naci's Master Chief. 

After all these yummy meals, it's time for dessert! Having a sweet tooth myself, every after meal I always look for something sweet.

Mango Panna Cotta

Another unforgettable food from Cafe Naci! I super love pistachio and I was so delighted when I saw this! 

Pistachio Sansrival FTW!!!

If you're wondering what “Naci” means it literally means Rice in several languages. Cafe Naci is also known as comfort food. And it really is comforting after eating all that food. No regrets! Haha! Ilooooovvveeettt!!:)

Hungry now? You may now visit their new address at 2/F Fox Square Bldg. Connecticut St. Greenhills, San Juan City!

Thank you for the food trip, Cafe Naci and Open Rice for having me!

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