Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Evee launches Lumina White Line

Up and coming skin care brand Evee has launched its “Lumina White” skin whitening line which is to help everyone restore their skin. 

Evee is specifically designed for Asian skin allowing you to experience fast and effective whitening. The complete skin care line helps brighten and restore the radiance of your skin with its effective formula that penetrates deep into the skin for maximum whitening and moisturizing

“Lumina white” is a comprehensive facial care line developed to suit the needs of Asian skin which is particularly sensitive to the effects of the sun. It allows one to achieve the Asian ideal for skin which considers very fair, bright, and blemish free skin the most beautiful quickly and effectively. Designed to safely lighten skin and improve the appearance of even severely blemished skin the products features effective ingredients for general skin rejuvenation and brightening.

The "Lumina White" line comes with a face tonic, night cream, day cream, and cleansing bar. The line offers a total solution for all your skin whitening needs through its complete range of products that targets different problem areas of your skin.

The face tonic that cleanses your skin of impurities while bringing out naturally fine and glowing skin. Its night cream gets rid of tired cells and whitens your skin while you sleep allowing you to wake up with a youthful and vibrant glow. The day cream protects your delicate skin from the ravages of the sun while at the same time acting as a makeup base.  The cleansing bar helps whiten your skin while at the same time tightening it for a beautiful youthful look every day.

For people who would like to whiten their skin quickly, evee also has a “Lumina White Quick Result Kit” designed to whiten skin after just a week of continuous use.

Evee also has a body lotion line which leaves a non-greasy feel with natural extracts that nourishes your skin while leaving it soft and smooth. Let your body indulge with Evee Body Indulgence. 

To learn more about evee please visit their website www.evee.ph, and their social media accounts.

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