Friday, July 25, 2014

KooBits Maths Online Portal is now in the Philippines

Math. I think it's one of the challenges and struggles every parents face when they have kids who goes to school. Haha! Math was my least fave subject while I was still in school. And now that I have a 2nd grader daughter, Sofi is beginning to have a love/hate relationship with her Math subject as well. And when I checked Sofi's Math book, I understand what she feels. They're more advance now(compared to my Math subject when I was in 2nd grade), more complicated, hard and well... frustrating! Gone are the days of the simple 1+1, Ha! Can you relate with your kids Math dilemma?

Fret no more, friends! Koobits, Singapore's top online Maths portal is now in the Philippines! It's a Singapore-based group of innovative educators and technologists who develop digital tools and platforms to help children learn better, offers a happier alternative through its partnership with the Philippine company, Explorarium, Co. LTD.

Stanley Han, Koobits Pte. Ltd. Singapore CEO, talks about Motivation Dynamics and how it’s making learning more fun for kids 

 ProblemSums by KooBits is an adaptive online mathematics learning portal for primary students. It features a comprehensive collection of challenging Maths Word Problems and learning materials that will adapt to each child’s strength and weakness. 

It aims to enable all students to acquire mathematics concepts and skills for everyday use and continuous learning in mathematics, develop thinking and reasoning skills through an engaging mathematical approach to problem solving, and build confidence and generate greater interest in mathematics among students. 

ProblemSums transforms math problem-solving into daily learning activities, and enables students to tackle challenges when they are free and willing, and yet retains the element of competition. “At the same time, it responds to the technology boom in smartphones and tablet computers which has transformed lifestyles and created a lot of opportunities for learning on-the-go,” says Explorarium Operations Director, Julienne Sison-Vital.

Dr. Glendora Tiu , Director of Academic Affairs at Chiang Kai Shek College and teacher representative, gives a testimonial on how Koobits enhances classroom instruction 

Giselle Tongi-Walters talks about her wonderful experience with Koobits

Stanley Han, Ina Sehwani, Joanne Tabora-Sison and Julienne Sison-Vital at the ceremonial signing for the partnership of Koobits Pte. Ltd. Singapore with Explorarium, Co. LTD

First row (L-R) Stanley Han, Ina Sehwani, Joanne Tabora-Sison and Julienne Sison-Vital Second Row (L-R) Dr. Glendora Tiu  and Giselle Tongi-Walters

The Koobits Team
And now, are you up for a challenge? KooBits Challenge’s game dynamics make it highly engaging and motivating to students. It uses the latest technology to design personalized, adaptive, daily learning activities to help students develop effective study habits, acquire problem-solving skills and life skills to build a broad and deep foundation for learning. It will be the first nationwide, online Singapore Maths competition in the Philippines for students in grades 1 to 7.

Who should sign up?
• 7 to 13 yr old children who need
to develop good study habits;
• Want students or kids to turbo-charge their
grades in mathematics and improve
their problem-solving skills regardless
of any kind of Maths curriculum used
in school;
• Are worried about children’s excessive
computer time which is often spent in
playing games and watching online

How do I sign up my child/student?
1. Fill-in the KooBits registration form
2. Pay the annual registration fee
a. Individual Student Registration P 1, 030 (VAT
b. Special school discount (at least 150 students per
school) P618.24
c. Sign-up period for the special rates above is from July 15 t o
August 14, 2014
d. Contest duration is from now until June 30, 2015
3. Payment may be made through Mathemagis centers
( or through direct bank deposit.
a. Account Name: Explorarium Co. Ltd
b. Account Number: 1811-0010-54
c. Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands
4. Email deposit slip and registration form to
5. Receive the login and password after three working days via email
6. Login at and start learning and
earning points!

Don't forget that competition duration is from July 16, 2014 - August 14, 2015.

For institutional packages and discounts, please contact the KooBits Philippines office:
Tel: 219-4103

Visit also their website at and for more details!

Thank you Koobits for making our child's math problems, solved!

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