Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SWAP Your Lifestyle with Tomato

I was invited to attend the Swap Your Lifestyle event at Tomato's flagship store in Glorietta. We arrived a little early, so I took advantage of wandering the new, colorful store! I remembered that Tomato was one of the 1st event I attended when I started blogging. And it has been my favorite go-to store ever since. I always check their store every time we go to the malls! We bought my mom a Tomato watch last christmas and gave my sister a watch too. And also one of my fave shoes is also from Tomato. May times pa that I had to visit all Tomato stores (megamall, trinoma, sm north edsa, glorietta because of this 1 bag that I can't get it out of my mind and later on regret it for not buying the bag right away. It's still haunting me. lol)

And now, I'm glad Tomato is expanding in so many ways! I'm glad to share with you all the new offerings from Tomato!

Tomato joined the loomband craze! You can now have a Tomato watch with loom band as bracelet. I think it's first of it's kind(as far as I know). You can now choose all the color combinations that you want!

At the event, you can make your own loom band watch! They introduced the Swap straps (it's a strap with holes) ready for looming. 

I know you've been seeing their Swap Watches in Tomato stores. But did you know that you can now personalized the face of your watch? You can choose your own pic, logo, or whatever and make your own customize watch!

So many colored straps to choose from! You can be an adventurous with the color of your straps! You can mix and match them with your outfit. 

Patterns of watch face to choose from! Which one do you like?

Saw these UAAP face watches! Find your color here and support your team!

New watches from Tomato: Camden watch

We were given one Swap watch each and I opted to have my face watch personalized! And what a better way to bring my family wherever? Having my hubby and daughter's pics stamped in my watch! hehe!

And with these interchangeable strap watch, I can easily match it with my mood and outfitey :))

Visit all Tomato branches now and have your own SWAP diy watches and you can also check their online store for more details! :)

Thank you Tomato for having me! Really enjoyed my afternoon with you! :)

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ava te-zabat said...

Ang fun naman nito, momma! Ang cool ng loom band strap! And aww super precious ng photo mo sa watch! LOVE!