Saturday, September 20, 2014

Free In My Skin Movement with Physiogel

I've attended many skin care campaigns but Physiogel's Free In My Skin Movement not only touched the sensitive side of beauty but also showed us that not only we have the freedom to make decisions but also pursue our dreams and passions.

GlaxoSmithKline, makers of Physiogel®, launches the Free In My Skin Movement to free women from dry, sensitive skin.
The Free In My Skin Movement empowers every Filipina to be free from dry, sensitive skin and to confidently embrace life and achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The ever lovely Patti Laurel-Filart hosted the event.

The Free in My Skin Movement aims to empower women to fully embrace and participate in life by freeing them from dry and sensitive skin, because having dry and sensitive skin can serve as a hindrance for women to fully function to their best abilities. This movement also aims to honor smart, strong, sensitive women who have faced their insecurities (physically and emotionally) and are now embracing and living life to the fullest.

“The Free in My Skin movement is not just about creating a nurturing community of  smart, strong and sensitive women, but is also as a way of honoring these women who didn’t let their dry-skin insecurities prevent them from being the best versions of themselves,” says General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare, Mr. Jeoffrey Yulo.

TV host and entrepreneur Patti Grandidge led the movement. And I can't believe her confession that she overcame her insecurities and had also suffered from dry and sensitive skin. Because if you've seen her in person, she's so flawless, simple and very pretty. 

“We used to travel a lot when I was younger and getting exposed to different climates took a toll on my skin, making it sensitive, itchy, red and dry. This made me quite insecure, and in the business I am in, it is always about first impressions,” she said. 

Patti knew that if she wanted to be in control of her life and achieve her goals, she had to overcome her insecurities, starting with her skin. 

“Unlike ordinary moisturizers I used before, Physiogel® made my skin less sensitive and dry. My skin became so much softer, smoother and definitely healthier.”

“With Physiogel, I became free from dry and sensitive skin – to get going, to get out there and just be who I really am. So, now I truly believe in the power of having good skin. It gave me the power to feel empowered, to feel free. I became free in my skin. And this is why I have been rallying for this movement to reach out to so many women out there,” declares the Free in My Skin embodiment. 

Physiogel® is the only skincare product that has the patented advanced Physiogel BioMimic Technology® that works naturally with your skin to make it less sensitive and dry. Like a jigsaw puzzle, your skin's natural lipid layers form a matrix, helping to lock the moisture within. This allows Physiogel® to repair dehydrated skin, rehydrate the essential barriers and also revitalize the skin―keeping it healthy from within. Physiogel® is free from perfumes, preservatives or colorants.

Patti and these 2 lovely ladies honored 3 women in their lives who inspired them.

And I honor these smart, strong, sensitive women in my life and it's none other than my Mommy, my 2 sisters Jaz and Joy. They inspire me to be a good mom, daughter and sister(ate) to them.

Obligatory pix with Ms. Patti! I'm really a fan! hehe

Start your own Free In My Skin Movement and make them your status. Think of 3 women who inspires you and tag them in your status so they can pay it forward too. In doing this, we can reach out to more women who wants to be free in their skin.

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