Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gibi Shoes Fun Day

I remember come school year time (a couple of years ago ;P), Gibi was my choice for school shoes. They're durable, flood-proof, rain-proof and they really last the whole year or two. And I am not surprise that Gibi is still here, more better than ever!

Gibi celebrated its 30th year in the footwear retail industry, the brand has been well received and marketing is now critical to its continued success and future profitability. Gibi Shoes offers unprecedented selection of both genuine and man-made leather for all ages. 

Gibi shoes held a Fun Day at Trinoma Activity Center with Gibi endorsers Ella Cruz, Nadine Samonte and Xian Lim. It was a day full of fun activities, singing and lots of dancing, fun games and interactions with fans! And a mystery endorser was also revealed that day! Can you guess who is it? Read on!

And here are the reasons why we should choose Gibi Shoes:

Selection – A wide choice of basic as well as trendy footwear; genuine leather and man-made
Quality – Time tested durability; Takes pride on our legacy/heritage
Accessibility – Expansion of outlets to reach target market
After Sales Service – Concerns to arise in the future are well taken care of; up to date
Competitive price points – All shoe products are priced competitively whose comfort and design are in comparison to foreign brands

Ella Cruz

Nadine Samonte

And the latest and mystery endorser is none other than Jasmine Curtis Smith!

Xian Lim

Happy to spend the fun day with Kai and getting upclose and personal with Gibi's celebrity endorsers. :)

The brand builds and maintains leadership through innovation and responsiveness offering exceptional quality and value. To date, Gibi Men’s, Ladies and Children’s footwear can be attained through distribution channels all over the country. Having 55 Gibi boutiques nationwide and 60 points of sale in leading department stores, it is by this basis and more that Gibi shoes indeed is part of every Filipino family.

Happy Anniversary, Gibi Shoes –  The All Season All Occasion Shoes

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Kath Rivera said...

Yay! Ganda pa din ni Nadine Samonte :) I was a GIBI shoes girl yata when I was in elementary forgot ko na the year na yan and school shoes ko.