Saturday, September 6, 2014

Trip around the world at Mall of Asia's International Food Fest

The food lover in me got excited when I received an invite to attend a food tour at Mall of Asia. And I'm happy to share that Mall of Asia has now an on-going International Food Fest where we can taste world-class international cuisine and savor all their delicious specialties starting September 5-30!

That's right! Starting September 5 to 30, you can now take your taste buds on a trip around the world! And to all food lovers out there, 50 restaurants will participate in the food festival and will hold lots of fun activities, exciting prizes and special treats just for you! Each restaurant will showcase their special dishes exclusive for the food festival. Yes, you're that special and some of the dishes are not even included in their menu yet! :)

During the food tour, we were divided into group of 4 and we were given special task to visit 2 restaurants to eat our heart out. And we happily obliged! hehe!

Our first resto was Manam. Maybe you're all familiar with NamNam? Well, they're the same. They just changed their name into Manam. We asked what Manam means, I thought kasi it's a dialect. It's a play with words of malinamnam. 

Manam is best known for comfort filipino food. It's like a home away from home with their home-cooked feel dishes. We maybe used to traditional taste of pinoy food, but at Manam, they experimented and added twist to make it more special.

This Pancit Sisig is new to our palate. It was my 1st time to try sisig with pancit instead of rice. And believe it or not they taste good! The crunchiness of sisig added twist to make it a flavorful pancit. It's not on their menu yet but you can try it during the MOA International Food Fest.

Aside from their pancit sisig, they also served delectable filipino dishes!

Deep-Fried Chorizo and Kesong Puti Lumpia

Caramelized Patis Wings. Super yummy! Instant fave ko sya

Another twist to traditional sinigang! You should try their sinigang sa watermelon. Yep, watermelon! Super sarap especially if it's hot!

Sinigang na Beef Short Rib & Watermelon

House Crispy Sisig

Ensaladang NamNam

Kare-Kare with Oxtail 

They even added twist to traditional fruit shakes and surprisingly, they're all yummy!

Strawberry and Camias, Mango and Ginger, Mango, Pomelo, CoconutCream with Sago

Happy tummies! Thank you, Manam! (photo grabbed from Eens Gonzales)

After pinoy dishes, we visited California Pizza Kitchen for our 2nd stop. CPK has been recognized as a casual dining restaurant serving California-style cuisines. They are well known for their hearth-baked gourmet pizza, made-to-order pastas and other innovative food and beverage selections.  

And for MOA International Food Fest, CPK's offering this new kind of pizza that you'll truly love and rave!

The special dish they will serve is the Caprese Pizza! It was inspired from a salad called Insalata Caprese, serves as a simple appetizer in a region in Italy. The twist on this is that it's hearth-baked in authentic hand-stretched dough with cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, mozzarella, basil chiffonade with fresh ground pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

Caprese Pizza, php350

We also got to try CPK's other offerings and they're a lot!

House Salad

Watermelon Salad

Penne Alfredo. So creamy! I loved it!

Spicy Arrabbiata

Satisfied tummies with Italian cravings! Thank you so much CPK! (photo grabbed from Eens Gonzales)

And since we were in need of sweets and desserts, our next and final stop was Krispy Kreme! 

Feeling field trip! Hehe! They showed us how they prepare doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts! They are ready to serve!

What's your filling?

Bloggers at MOA International Food Fest

Want to join a cooking demo? Restos like Tempura and Sbarro will hold a cooking demo on Sept.5, 5:30pm onwards and Claw Daddy, New Orleans, and Vikings on Sept. 12, 5:30pm onwards. 

There will be a special contest for those who will participate in Special Eats and you will have a chance to dine with culinary luminaries at an exclusive Chef's table meal and you can win two round trip tickets to any local destination via Zest Air. 

Make a date with your family and friends at SM Mall of Asia and bond and enjoy delicious food at International Food Festival from September 5-30, 2014. 

Follow Mall of Asia's social media account to know more:

Thank you so much Mall of Asia, Krispy Kreme, CPK and Manam for having me! :)


Mish Rendon said...

Wow! Super kagutom ng post na to haha! Anyway, kakaintriga yung dishes ng Manam. :D

MsEarth Rullan said...

Sarap food trip sakit tyan? Hahaha! Yum everything :)

RebelSweetHrt said...

I haven't tried sisig with pancit before, mukhang masarap in fairness. Pero dun ako natakam sa pizza at penne. I can never ever say no to pizza, even if I'm on a diet hehe. :)