Thursday, October 9, 2014

Styled by Azta x Discover Ombre Giveaway

When it comes with my hair, I say they're low maintenance. In the past, whenever I want to color my hair, I only buy hair coloring then I'll ask my sister to do it for me. I thought kasi, why go to a salon and have it colored by professionals when I can ask my sister to color my hair without shelling out a single centavo. Well, the results may not be that great(always, actually), especially when one time my sister colored my hair, and it turned out she did not color my bangs enough. haha! But what can I expect, right? And I guess I was scared too. Scared of what I will look like, or I may not like the hair color and spent too much money on it. 

My perception about having my hair color in the salons change when I was invited to try the Ombre service at Azta Urban Salon in Jazz Residence, Makati branch. Excited is putting it mildly. I was thrilled and ecstatic when Azta Urban asked me if I want to try the Ombre look. My thoughts upon receiving the email? Finally! It will be done professionally! haha!

The last time I had a colored hair was last year, I think. And since it grew longer, I've been sporting black hair ever since. Not that I'm bothered, but I know having a little hair color will bring some excitement to my lifeless, dull hair.

When I went to Azta, they asked me what kind of Ombre do I want. Honestly, I have no idea. I just told them that they can do whatever they want since it's going to be my first time and as long as it will  flatter my (round)face. I'm just too excited for the result. I told them kahit anong klaseng Ombre basta magka-color ang hair ko, lol! Talk about desperate!

My hair stylist, Ms Lyn(right photo) asked me what is my everyday lifestyle. What's my daily routine and so on. I gave her a hint kasi that I want a little bit wilder or blunt color. She suggested to go for brown hues and little lighter brown at the bottom. My Ombre style is called Sombre with a little Balayage combo (to know more about it, please read here.). It's a freestyle coloring with a little bit of sun-kissed natural look. I guess the outrageous color is not bagay with my lifestyle. and... age! Lol! 

Ms. Lyn also gave me a layered haircut to highlight the Sombre look.

Can't wait for the result!

Happy to share this experience with Kath

If you're a first timer like me, here's what I experienced during the process:
- a little numbness around my head
- cold scalp na feeling ko may something minty na nilagay
- heaviness around my head after

I asked them what's happening, of course. Since it was my first time, our guess was, my scalp and hair aren't use to anything, and medyo na-shock siguro sya or something. I asked around and was told that it is normal and it will wear off in a few hours. And it did! In less than 30 minutes or so, I didn't feel any numbness or heaviness at all. 

And TADAH!!! This picture didn't do justice how awesome my Ombre looks now! But believe me, they're so pretty! A lot of people has been complimenting the new look! (they blow-dried my hair here for picture purposes, hehe!) It's not drastic or dramatic as I want but the Sombre complements my lifestyle and I'm so happy with the result! The Sombre style is easier for me to maintain and when it's against the sun, the highlights of my hair really stands out!

Thank you so much, Azta Urban Salon team for beautifying me! Can't wait to go back and try the other Ombre look! (thank you, Ava for the reco! :))

And here's what it looks like at daytime. 

Now, thanks to the generous hearts of Azta Urban Salon, I'll be giving away not one, but two free Ombre Services to 2 lucky readers of Shopgirl Jen! Hooray!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS!!! Please send me your contact number via email at!

Here's the simple mechanics:

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS, Yna Bronzo and Maria Corazon Letada!!! Please send me your contact number via email at!

Thank you all for joining!

For added points and more chances of winning, REPOST/REGRAM my IG photo with caption in your IG account. Make sure your post is public. :)

The giveaway is for Metro Manila residences only and willing to go to their Jazz Residences, Makati branch on or before October 30.

ShopgirlJenxOmbreGiveaway will end on October 22, 2014! 

Good luck!


Mish Rendon said...

Love it! <3

Heart Calimlim said...

Joining. :) Hope to win..You deserve a hair treat Jen :)

Cymbelly Marzan said...

It's also been so long since I did anything drastic to my hair like curling or coloring. When I do have the chance, I want to have wavy or curly, messy hair na low maintenance. I am not sure if purple is okay for my aga! Haha!

Janice Lim said...

Wow, that's such a nice experience to have. I had my hair colored last June and now the roots are showing. It's really time for me to go back and have a new color done! I've never tried ombre yet but I'd love to be able to.

Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy said...

This is worth a try. It's been ages since I've had my hair colored and it badly needs some coloring already. :)

AineGarcia said...

i've been seeing a lot of ombre hairs now. would love to try when my hair's longer na. :)

Kristina Estacio Villa said...

Nice Ombre hair! I suggest you apply hair treatment especially on the ends because in my case, my hair dried up after a few months.

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Love your hair color! Joined the giveaway...

Yna Bronozo said...

Thanks for this giveaway... I joined every Azta giveaway kaso sawi. hahahaha I'm really praying hard for this last chance. Laking tipid kase pag nanalo hahaha. GoodLuck to me. More power to your blog, God Bless :-)