Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fashion Quiz for Brother Sewing Machine

Want to know if you have the inner fashionista in you? Then take this Fashion Quiz to help you decide, What your next runway collection should be!

1. Choose the word that best describes your personality.
a.     Wholesome
b.     Classy
c.      Adventurous
d.     Fierce

2. Where do you usually buy your clothes?
a.     Umm, at the mall.
b.     My mom buys my clothes.
c.      At unique weekend bazaars.
d.     I make my own clothes.

3. What would you do if you met your fashion icon?
a.     Freeze and instantaneously pass out.
b.     My fashion icon has unfortunately gone to the other side
c.      Ask for relevant fashion tips
d.     I am my own fashion icon

4. Which of these patterns speak to you?
a.     Embroidered
b.     Plaid
c.      Modern geometric
d.     Houndstooth

5. It’s Fashion Week! What do you do?
a.     Life goes on.
b.     I’m part of Fashion Week.
c.      Perhaps catch a glimpse of it on my feed
d.     What’s Fashion Week?

6. Which model best fits your fashion collection?
a.     Jessica Stam
b.     Karlie Kloss
c.      Chanel Iman
d.     Coco Rocha

7. How do you feel about fashion magazines?
a.     I have 32 different subscriptions
b.     I flip through them for inspiration
c.      In the digital age? Really?
d.     I read them when I’m in the salon

8. Describe your closet
a.     Neat and orderly
b.     Small but curated
c.      Sometimes I can see the floor
d.     So. Many. Clothes.

9. An outfit isn't complete without...
a.     A statement diamond necklace
b.     An edgy attitude
c.      Sky-high heels
d.     A leather bag

10. Which color is the new black?
a.     Black
b.     Tartan
c.      Taupe
d.     Marsala

Your next runway collection is...


From Paris to Tokyo, you are meant to conquer the fashion world! Equipped with your trusted sewing machine and a keen eye for high fashion, get ready to set the runway ablaze with your fabulous creations!

No self-respecting haute couturier would be caught dead using second-grade sewing machine. To make your vision a reality, you need a strong and dependable workhorse. The Brother NV-55P is the sewing machine of your dreams! This stunning piece of machinery features an LCD display, centralized control panel, automatic needle threader, quick set bobbin, LED sewing light, 7-point feed, and 135 built-in stitches that includes letters. For Php 24,995.00, you can start sewing your vision to life!


All the weeks of sleepless nights slaving over intricate beadwork and delicate embroidery pays off when you become the only fashion designer to the stars! Celebrities and A-listers alike will fall in line and beg you to design their evening gown for the next and hottest fashion gala in the metro.

The Brother M3034D sewing machine may just very well be a celebrity fashion designer's best friend. This impressive couturier's companion features a whopping 4-thread overlocker for easy threading, fast and simple lower looper threading system, instant rolled hem, and differential feed for perfect seams on virtually any fabric type! At just Php 21,995.00, you instantly get your money back with your first commissioned evening gown!

The who's who of the metro will soon be donning your own brand of edgy urban chic and street fashion wear! Magazine editors and fashion stylists will knock on your door and practically sleep at your doorstep just to have the opportunity to have you and your collection grace the covers of all the glossies!
The Brother JS-1410 is the perfect sewing machine for budding designers and aspiring fashion entrepreneurs! This handy dandy equipment has 14 built-in stitches, 4-step automatic buttonhole, top load bobbin, LED sewing light, and comes with instructional DVD for fast and easy sewing lessons. All that and for only Php 9,995.00, it's practically a steal!

You got: MEN'S WEAR
Buckle up because you are now part of a modern fashion revolution! Men's Fashion is what the edge of your seat was made for. Every little bit of your creation represents your persona—smart, edgy, and dapper. You are not just a fashion designer, YOU ARE FASHION.
All those crisp lines, clean hems, and fancy needlework require a steady and reliable sewing machine. TheBrother GS-2700 is a workhorse on steroids. This impressive piece of modern equipment has a built-in needle threader, quick set bobbin, 1-step buttonhole, manual stitch length and stitch width control, and whopping 27 built-in stitches! For only Php 12,995.00, you can be the men's fashion savior of the galaxy.

For more information on Brother's line of exceptional sewing machines, visit http://welcome.brother.com/ph-en.html

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