Friday, May 1, 2015

Smart's Skype Qik launch

With technology nowadays, getting in touch with your loved ones has now evolved over the years. And aside from sms, email, updates on social media, there's a new platform of communicating and that is video messaging where you can see them right away. Cool, huh? Thanks to Smart Communications, their is a the coolest new way to communicate using your mobile phones by using the video messaging service Skype Qik app. 

Skype Qik is the new mobile messenger app from Skype which allows us to quickly capture memorable moments as they happen, and you can immediately share them with your family and friends through their one touch recording and instant sharing. I personally downloaded the app and they're easy to use. 

And good news to all Smart subscribers in the Philippines! You can use the Skype Qik Android or IOS apps to send fun and engaging video messages without incurring additional charges on your prepaid and postpaid account.

Skype Qik's easy and user friendly interface allows for easy capture of videos and instant sharing with friends through user created groups. Through "Qik Fliks", users can pre-record up to 12 short videos.

Videos shared through Skype Qik will be stored in separate threads for each individul or group and each video sent can be removed from one device and deleted across the devices of the group's members. Once a message is two week old and everyone has forgotten about it, it automatically disappears.

Smart's latest partnership with Skype for the Skype Qik video messenger app is just the latest in the efforts to provide only the best digital experiences to its users as part of its "internet for All" initiative.

The new Skype Qik offer from Smart can be accessed on all data enabled devices across all network platforms from 2G to 3G to 4G speeds in the country.

Download the Skype Qik app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store toma expand your digital world. To know more details on Smart's Skype Qik offers, visit

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