Saturday, June 27, 2015

Make Adobo the official National Dish

Filipino people are a patriotic nation. We have #PinoyPride, #WowPhilippines, #MoreFuninthePhilippines and so on. Of course we take pride of our national heroes and modern-day heroes. We patronize our beautiful beaches and mountains in the world. We visit our national landmarks and we have our fondness of local delicacies and local dishes. But surprisingly, I just learned that we do not have a national dish. But, when you say adobo it is always equals to being a Filipino, right? It's one the many dishes Filipinos always craved for whether you're in the Philippines or abroad (most especially). And to many of our foreign friends, Adobo always associate with the Philippines. We must know that Adobo is a deeply personal dish to every Filipino.

From Batanes to Tawi-Tawi, every Filipino family has their own way of making adobo. Some has their own version too. But the versatility of Adobo makes it so that you can adjust and fine tune the recipes according to your personal taste and to the availability of local ingredients.

And I can't believe that up until now we still don't have our national dish. So to my Filipino friends, why don't we take pride in what is uniquely our own? In 2014, House Bill 3926 (led by Hon. Rene Relampagos from first district of Bohol) was filed in congress to declare Adobo as our National Dish, but to this day, the bill is still up for final deliberation. Hay.

So let's unite in making Adobo the official National Dish! 

Be part of the #AdoboMovement and let's make Adobo our national dish by joining the petition at

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