Friday, July 10, 2015

Be Naturally Beautiful with Hana Shampoo

A year ago, I attended the launching of Ms. Marian Rivera as the celebrity endorser of Shokubutsu Hana Shampoo. I also share with you that all Hana shampoo variants contain 100% natural cleansing ingredients, suitable for all hair types, is good for any weather condition, and focuses on scalp care to ensure your hair will grow healthy and strong.

And just recently, Ms. Marian renewed her contract as Hana's celebrity endorser.The pregnant 30-year-old was beaming with natural glow in the recent Hana Press Event where she renewed her ties with the hair care brand that advocates natural beauty, an easy feat for the actress whose beauty supersedes any artificial modification or filters.

Hana Soft and Silky shampoo has R-Essential or Arginine, an amino acid found in the scalp that has the ability to hold moisture naturally.Hana Anti-Hair Fall variant contains Sophora Root Extract, a natural ingredient that helps extend the hair’s natural growth.

Without a doubt her natural beauty is one of her most significant asset, a beauty that supersedes any artificial modifications or filters. Which makes this  collaboration with Hana Shampoo a perfect fit. Marian is the epitome of naturalness and beauty which the brand strongly represents. She is driven and passionate about her work, never letting negative press influence who she truly is. It is no surprise she has a large fan base undeniably faithful to her. These are the traits Hana Shampoo believes Marian will bring to the brand. 

Can't believe that she's already on her 5th month of pregnancy! I'm sure her baby will be as beautiful as her.

It was my 2nd time to meet Ms. Marian and I'm glad she's still game to have pictures with us.

Congratulations Ms. Marian and Hana Shampoo for the successful partnership!

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