Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shakey's Time Anytime, Anywhere

Pizaaaa!!! Good news to all Shakey's lovers like me! There's happiness in a few clicks with the new Shakey's App that you can order anytime, anywhere! We all know everyone's always looking to have good times and create good memories with our family and friends, right? My family always look forward in devouring Shakey's chicken and mojos, garlic bread and of course, the manager's choice pizza! And now, with just a few clicks away, we can have it anytime, anyday! 

Shakey's has timely won the hearts and tastes of each passing generation. And with their delivery promo of "What's the Big Deal?" it treats their guests to a free much-coveted Shakey's SuperCard through calling their 77-777 hotline or logging on to

In just a few clicks, we can now easily order our Shakey's favorites to be delivered at the comfort of our homes or better yet, we can now send our love and extend the goodness of Shakey's to the people we love, make them smile and let them experience the best pizza, mojos, chicken and a whole lot more. You can download the Shakey's App with Google Play Store or IOS and spread the Shakey's goodness at their door step.

Four decades later, Shakey's has indeed built a legacy that cas captured the hearts and tastes of many generations and because of this, Shakey's through time, will always be the family's favorite place for celebrations that will constantly serve Good Times and Great Memories for more years to come.

So whether you dial, click or tap, you can now enjoy Shakey's Time anytime, anywhere!

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