Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tourism Malaysia MyFest 2015

I've never been to Malaysia, but now here's my chance to visit and witness the 2015 Year of Festivals  where I can also bring my bff!

I had a privilege to attend the special campaign launch of Malaysia dubbed as Be Friends Forever held at Fairmont Hotel. And in line with the Year of Festivals 2015, with the theme, "Endless Celebrations:, BFF or Be Friends Forever very well complements the year-long campaign of the Manila office.

For this new campaign, Tourism Malaysia would like to position itself as a best friend to a certain extent who is looking out for their visitors, who wants them to have fun, who caters well to their needs and helps create the best memories during your travels.

The campaign would also like to imbibe the feeling that Malaysia remains to be a destination of choice for families and friends who are looking for a very enjoyable vacation. 

Tourism Malaysia also ensures guests of a very enjoyable time, the BFF campaign is a great way to let others know what exactly they can expect from trip-through the experiences of those who have already been to Malaysia. The campaign encourages travellers who have been to Malaysia to post their favorite vacation photos on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #mybffxoxo which also qualifies them to win special monthly prizes from Tourism Malaysia as well as the grand prize for the promotion - a three days/two nights stay in Malaysia accompanied by his or her best friend (or family member). Woohoo!

With so many things lined up well as more events and attractions being held and being put in place in this charming country, Malaysia is happy to inform Filipinos of what they can expect from their trip.

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