Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wellness Festival at Robinsons Supermarket this July

One of my wishlist come 2015 was to be healthy and fit. And now that we are halfway through the year all I can say is.. Anyare? Haha! For the first half of the year, I still took my health and my body for granted. :( Good thing I was reminded that it is not too late and that I can still start my healthy, wellness journey. Healthier days started when I attended the Wellness Festival of Robinsons Supermarket held at Robinsons Magnolia. I still have a choice to lead a healthy life and I am choosing to start now. 

As we start a new month of July, let's start the month right! Robinsons Supermarket will celebrate its Wellness month and its committed to help more Filipinos make healthier choices by easing access to healthier alternatives and making it as convenient as possible. We all know that it is easier to reach or buy french fries than apples. But we also need to consider if it's going to benefit us. The wellness month will help us realize and will give awareness that we really need to make a healthier choices and living.

Ms. Iya Villania hosted the event,
Booths from known health and wellness brands like Nestle, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever, Del Monte, Abbott, Fonterra and Unilab will also be in place to offer exciting activations and freebies to enjoy and learn more about wellness.

Yes. Sinigang sa pakwan do exist. I want to make one soon!

Robinsons Supermarket continues to employ the "Shop Smart" tag label that color codes items based on their health benefits, nutritional content and price discounts. You can also achieve everyday wellness and choose healthy items with their green tags. 

Robinsons Supermarket has its own exclusive line of healthy products called Healthy You which ranges from nuts, oats, juice, olive oils and many more. You can also check out the supermarket's ready to eat station called Healthy Selections where pre-packed healthy meals call Fit Cuisine or make your own salad can be found. Also available are fruits packed where it's easier to bring anywhere and can be consume anytime.

In line with wellness, Sexy Chefs also shared their knowledge in preparing simple meals yet beneficial to our bodies.

With lifestyle advocates Daniel and Vanessa Matsunaga 

"We, at Robinsons Supermarket, believe that health and wellness is not a destination but a continuous journey. And we want to be part of that journey in people's lives by being a trusted partner that they can always rely on for all their health and wellness needs," said Robinsons Supermarket General Manager Jody Gadia together with its partners. 

To support this campaign, Robinsons Supermarket will hold an 8th Wellness Fit & Fun Buddy Run on July 5 at Bonifacio Global City where you can join the 5km and 10km categories. 

The Wellness Festival is a great reminder that by choosing the healthy lifestyle, the first step is making a decision to have one. I'm glad Robinson Supermarket will help me in my baby steps towards a healthier me. 

For more guide in this journey to wellness, be part of the #ILoveWellness campaign by simply liking them on Facebook or visit their official website at for more updates.

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