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After the success of Supercolor, a concept that captured the attention of the world, Pharrell Williams returns with Supershell. Once again transforming the iconic Superstar model, Pharrell has collaborated with friends and creatives from around the world to bring a new chapter of the Superstar to life. 

In this Artwork Collection, Supershell brings art and creativity to the Superstar like never before. The Superstar’s Shelltoe comes alive with signature graphic artworks and designs from NYC contemporary artist Todd James, American photographer-director Cass Bird and contemporary Japanese artist mr. The artists’ designs are then joined by six of Pharrell’s very own artworks that explore life force and energy and its relationship with colour.

Guests were treated to an afternoon of creativity during the global launch of the latest collaboration of Pharrell Williams with adidas Originals last 
August 7, 2015.

With a limited release and exclusive artworks for different regions around the globe, the footwear is offered in black and white colourways, allowing the vibrant artworks to take center stage. Adding an additional layer to the concept: each left and right shoe features a different graphic treatment allowing the collection to be mixed and matched endlessly, forming yet another opportunity for creative expression by the wearer themselves.

Magic 89.9’s DJ Suzy pumped up the Superstars during the Supershell launch last Friday.

adidas PH Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager Jen Dacasin gives a short background on Pharrell’s latest collaboration with adidas Originals.

This collection sees the artists channel their artworks into specially-molded 3D Shelltoe designs, a first for the Superstar silhouette. The series is then completed by two of Pharrell’s own personal designs, which speak of his interest in the concept of relativity.

From a shoe that spans art and culture to a platform for expression itself, the Supershell Sculpted Collection brings the Superstar to its ultimate artistic mode. With designs offered in monochrome black and white colourways, the collection is also completely interchangeable, presenting countless opportunities to mix and match individual shoes to create the perfect personal expression.

Guests were also given the chance to get creative as they designed printed Superstars where the best design would win a pair of Sheltoes!

Local artists, Egg Fiasco (L) and Chichimonster (R) gave their own creative twist on the Superstar’s shelltoe by designing giant shelltoes.

Pharrell has collaborated with some of the world’s most creative minds to bring life to the Supershell.

Artists whom Pharrell has collaborated for the Supershell are NYC contemporary artist Todd James, Japanese contemporary artist Mr., Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, and director and photographer Cass Bird.

Some adidas brand ambassadors also dropped by to show some Superstar love. Front and center is Allysa BaƱa who won the contest for best shelltoe design.

The adidas Originals Supershell drops globally on August 7, 2015 for Php4,995 (Artwork Collection) and Php5495 (Sculpted Collection).

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Artwork by Mr. ©Mr./Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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