Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Meet the ASUS ZenFone Go 5.5 - stylish, multi-tasks with ease, takes great pictures, and fits your budget. Completing the ZenFone Go line up comprised of the 4.5 and 5.0 is the ZenFone Go 5.5 (ZB551KL): it features a large 5.5 inch Full HD display, comes with 2GB RAM for a fluid user experience, offers 3 premium back covers, and packs a big 3,010 mAh battery for all day use. 
"There's something about holding a big phone that fits in your hand, jives with your lifestyle, but won't hurt your budget," said ASUS Philippines Smartphone Product Manager Lenny Lin. "At only P6, 995, The ASUS ZenFone Go 5.5 is the right performer for today's busy millennials, office workers, freelancers, parents, and as well as students who want the best value-for-money phone in a stylish 5.5-inch package." 

There are ways to spend your days, and there are incredible ways to spend them. "We've thought of 7 ways to enjoy the ZenFone Go 5.5 that highlights the fun of using it as well as the features that match the Filipino lifestyle," Lin said. 

Manic Monday: Multitask and organize your week with ease
 Check and respond to vital emails, chat back with friends and co-workers, jot down those notes, return that call, text the people who matter, cross off that item on your to-do list, plan ahead on your calendar - all of these, and more, can be done on the capable ASUS ZenFone Go 5.5. It's Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (1.4GHz Processor) and 2GB RAM can handle multi-tasking the way you do it. Its 16GB of expandable storage means you have room for the apps and files your need. 

Cheat Day Tuesday: Capture those special micro moments
Pictures or it didn't happen. The ZenFone Go 5.5 accepts that challenge. While many budget-priced phones deliver budget-quality images, the ZenFone Go 5.5's 13MP PixelMaster rear camera gets you the food shots and flat lays you'll be proud to share on Instagram. Have a friend, or the waiter, take a picture of you and your romantic date, and then post it on Facebook, for a shared moment to remember.  

Humpday Wednesday: Create better connections 
 Hold interviews, conference calls, and meetings on the ZenFone Go 5.5. Skype calls and phone calls are clear. Get the latest updates on your favorite news sites and apps. With the ZenFone Go 5.5's Dual SIM and 4G LTE, there's no fear of missing out. You'll always be within reach (of friends, co-workers, and family) and in the know of what's happening around you. If you’re on the Go, you can stay Connected.

Steady Thursday: Make the most out of your long breaks
Whether you're on a long school break, on vacation, or just taking time off, the ZenFone Go 5.5 can entertain you during all that idle time. It’s spec'd to handle heavy-duty apps (games, music and video streaming, long hours of web browsing) tandem with its high-stamina 3,010 mAh battery, so you know you're making the most out of killing time: you're having fun. 

Fitness Friday: Take selfies to track you fit-spiration progress
Weight-loss before and after shots keep us going, and inspire others. Taking selfies everyday while on a diet or workout regimen can help you compare your progress as the weeks march on. The ZenFone Go 5.5's 5MP front camera is easy to use and captures great selfies - in the gym or outdoors. And don't forget those OOTD needs and spur-of-the-moment groufies. The ZenFone Go can keep up with your fitness goals.  

Swag Saturday: Show off your latest fashion find
 Go with the occasion, or with how you feel at the moment. With 3 available back covers, the ZenFone Go 5.5 can become a phone that matches your outfits, the event or venue's atmosphere, and your moods. Its premium look is perfectly reflected in its curves-in-your-hand design and how seamless it can fit (just choose the cover you like) in an art show, a night club, a picnic, a wedding, a first date, or a corporate event.

Family Day Sunday: Surprise yourself and learn from the experts
 Cooking at home is not just about reading printed recipes anymore - the ZenFone Go 5.5 has a big 5.5-inch Full HD screen, so images and videos are crisp, colors vibrant, and viewing angles great. That means your device companion, while preparing a healthy meal for the family, can serve up both cooking guides found on the web as well as YouTube how-to's you can watch comfortably.  

The new ASUS ZenFone Go 5.5 (ZB551KL) variant is now available in all authorized re-sellers nationwide for P6, 995. Meanwhile, the ASUS ZenFone Go 4.5 (ZB452KG) and ZenFone Go 5 (ZC500TG) are still available for P3, 495.00 and P5, 495.00, respectively.

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