Monday, October 31, 2016


Takatack, the shopping discovery platform from Voyager Innovations has now become  the eCommerce partner of Cebu Pacific, enabling Filipinos to complete the traveling experience by getting the right travel essentials.

Anyone who has ever traveled knows that booking a flight is only one part of the equation. To truly enjoy the experience one would need to prepare all the essentials for the journey. If you’re vacationing to a cold weather climate like Japan, you will want the perfect jacket, whereas if you’re going to a tropical location like Boracay, you will want the best and trendiest swimwear.

With great travel comes

Getting the right clothes is just one example of how you might need to prepare for a trip. Luckily, shopping discovery platform Takatack can help you with whatever you might need. Through the partnership between Cebu Pacific (CEB) and Voyager Innovations, Takatack brings eCommerce to the airline’s website as visitors will see a banner that redirects to a special portal in Takatack.

“We’re happy to provide our guests with a hassle-free shopping experience for travel essentials through the CEB Online Shopping page on,” says Candice Iyog, Cebu Pacific Vice President for Marketing and Distribution.

The CEB Online Shopping portal in Takatack carries everything you might need for your next trip with categories that address the typical traveler’s needs including travel essentials in Change Time Zones, Not Comfort Zones; luggage and bags in Bags are Packed, I’m Ready to Go; and pet travel items in When Pets Fly.

Each of these categories offers amazing deals on products that will make your traveling experience a delight. For example, Traveling, Music to My Ears has headphones of every shape and size, so that you can comfortably listen to your favorite artists every leg of your journey, while Ahead of the Pack(ing) provides a selection of organizers that make things easier to store, and much more importantly, find.

Aggregating these disparate categories into a single portal makes it easier to plan your next trip, as Rebecca Ricalde, the Assistant Vice President for Digital Commerce of Voyager Innovations,  explained.

“Most online marketplaces are organized into product categories. If you’re planning a trip, this means you’ll have to scour different corners of a website to even begin to find what you want. With Takatack’s new CEB Online Shopping portal, you can quickly choose the items that you need in a single, easy-to-use interface,”  Ricalde said, adding that she has already bought items from several of the categories, including Traveling, Music to My Ears, When Pets Fly, and Ahead of the Pack(ing) - in anticipation of her next trip to Palawan.

The Philippines like never before

The partnership between Takatack and CEB represents a powerful one-two punch.

“Flying affordably, which Cebu Pacific enables you to do, is the first important step in traveling. The next crucial part, which is often overlooked, is making sure that you have the right things - sometimes even the right things to do. As such, the portal even offers travel packages that help you experience the Philippines like never before,” said Ricalde.

“As much as we love traveling, it can be hard to plan.  With Takatack’s new CEB Online Shopping portal, we want to help travelers buy the essentials and maximize their trip,” she said.

“Voyager has been enabling enterprises like Cebu Pacific to grow their business and accelerate their digital transformation by providing a robust eCommerce platform that will allow them to easily sell online,” Benjie Fernandez, COO of Voyager Innovations, said. “Cebu Pacific has been an established game-changer in the airline industry, and we are happy to be taking this flight with them as we jointly expand eCommerce opportunities in the country.”

Interested travelers can now shop for their travel essentials at

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