Thursday, July 13, 2017


Time flies in a blink of an eye. July is here and Sofi is officially back-to-school and she is now in Level 5. I have a mixture of emotions - I am happy and proud that my girl is all grown up na! But I'm also sad because my dear Sofi is no longer a "baby". I look at her today and I am grateful to God to the girl that she has become; well-balanced, fun, happy, and full of life.

Now that Sofi is 10, My husband Paul, and I are teaching Sofi how to be more independent. To be strong, fearless and courageous, but also to know where the boundaries are and to be responsible with her actions, so when the time comes and an opportunity is there for her to choose and make a decision, we can trust that she will make the right one. It is in our best interest that she learn from experience, but ofcourse with our guidance! We don’t want to suffocate her, but rather, make her feel that she has the freedom to be her own individual. We understand that kids are kids. They're naive and has poor judgements, so as parents, it is our duty and responsibility to teach and guide them. To mould them into good human beings. To be strong and not sheltered.

The best way we can teach our children is by being an example to them. A wise man once said, "Most parents worry about how much our children is not listening to us, but what we should really worry about is how much they are watching us!" Paul and I try our very best to show our girls, Sofi and Isha, how to do the right thing, but most especially to make them feel very loved and assured that they are more important to us than anything else, and that we are always here for them to give them advice, to rely on, and to give them a hug and a kiss and be the shoulders they can cry on when they need to. We also want them to know they are free to be who they want to be as long as Paul and I know they are living their purpose in life. I know by exampling this to them, they will do the same to us and treat others right. Because actions speaks louder than words.

Each family is different. Each child is different. The good thing about being a parent is we're learning just as our children is learning. We make mistakes too and its important that they understand that its ok to make mistakes, but its just as important to make it right.

Sofi loves doing arts. Last year in school, she really excelled and got high grades in her Arts class, but she also did really well in other subjects. We've always encouraged her in her school work. When she needs to do a school project, I supervise but she does all the work herself. I let her express her creativity and have fun with it, so homework has never felt like "work" but rather an enjoyable fun activity. Because of her interest in arts, Sofi started making DIY miniatures that she learned from watching on Youtube which surprised us and also made us proud!

As parents, Paul and I have hopes and dreams for our girls, but we also need to accept that the time will come when they will make their own decisions and follow their own path. For now, we will do our best to be here for them and be the daddy and mommy they need us to be because we love them ❤

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Aci Girl said...

lovely family. kisses to the girls (^.^,)