Thursday, September 7, 2017


As a Mom, we want to give nothing but the very best. We want tongive nothing less than world-class care our babies. Pampers' Best in the World, Pampers Premium Care, is deliberately designed with babies' healthy and happy development in mind. Its innovations have been added to enhance comfort and dryness providing the 5-star skin care every baby deserves.

Pampers' is commited to be moms' partner in giving world-class care for her baby, that's why Pampers Premium Care line gives quality materialsband breakthrough technology made in Japan to ensure softness, dryness, and comfort for babies's sound asleep and happy mornings.

My 11 month old Isha is a Pampers user since birth. We love how it guarantees superior skin protection. Never had a problem with skin irritation and discomfort. Yaaaay!

The good news is, we can now say goodbye to wet and saggy diapers that wake a sleeping baby during the night. The Magic Gel Channels, unique to the Pampers Premium Care line, allows even and fast absorption thay will prevent sagging and discomfort.

Pampers Premium Care has also upgraded diapers with Skin Protection Lotion to wrap our babies in silky softness that is gentle on skin.

Pampers Premium Care is also designed according to babies' lifestage. For newborns, the NB and S sizes come with a specially designed top sheet called the Absorb Away Liner. This quickly absorbs runny messes, and hemos reduce the risk of skin irritation.

For babies who transitions to Pants variants, a unique S-Flex technology protects the skin from friction, moving with the baby so they can crawl and walk comfortably.

It's no surprise that the Pampers Premium Care is the most preferred newborn diaper by Manila's top hospitals. In addition, Smart Parenting, the parenting authority in the Philippines, has given Pampers its seal of approval as the diaper "Best for Newborn Skin".  The brand is also recognized as the No. 1 Recommended Brand for Newborn Skin by the Mother and Child Nursing Association of the Philippines (MCNAP), a duly-recognized specialty professional nursing organization with solid national presence.

Pampers offers a complete range of diapers, wipes and training pants designed to provide protection and comfort for every stage of baby's development.

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