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Diana Stalder Face, Body, Skincare Center (dS) goes beyond the promise of delivering beautiful skin! It now offers a total beauty and wellness package with its products and services at an affordable price. For 21 years, dS has been providing the highest standard of skincare treatments, quality products and excellent services.

Start With The Basic
The first step in prepping for make up application is taking care of your skin. With dS, they could come up with a skincare system uniquely tailored for you. To start with the basic, dS offers Facial Supreme, a 15-step signature facial treatment that cleanses, tones, firms and nourishes the face, resulting to a clear, healthier, radiant and younger-looking skin.

Clients with low pain tolerance do not have to worry because they also offer Painless Facial which uses desincrustation technique for a minimal discomfort, as it helps control oil production of the skin.

You could also relax with their Casmara Algae Peel-off Mask from Spain! These are formulated with seaweed extracts that provide a powerful hydrating effect, along with diverse active ingredients which are different on every mask.

It has different kinds that meet the needs of every skin type:
  • REAFFIRMING MASK to absorb oil and other skin impurities leaving your skin detoxified and moisturized;
  • GREEN MASK for red or dry skin giving a soothing effect and making your skin revitalized;
  • VITAMIN VEGETABLE MASK, a Vitamin C-rich mask for any skin type and age to have fairer skin;
  • SENSITIVE MASK for sensitive and coupe rose skin;
  • NOVANEW MASK for dehydrated skin;
  • GREEN TEA MASK to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin;
  • RGNERIN MASK for delicate, post-exfoliation treatment and aged skin;
  • GOJI MASK for all ages and dehydrated skin
  • C40 Bi-PHASE SOYA MASK for any skin types, perfectly suitable for mature skin; 
  • GOLD MASK which has 24 karat gold dust

Better, Safer, Fairer
A study of Global Industry Analysts (2013) stated that skin lightening has been a trend in Asia Pacific. Thus, dS offer a shock treatment in which after just one session, you could already see a visible result which is called the Casmara Nacar Whitening Facial. It is a clarifying and lightening facial treatment for any skin type and age and it is suitable for illuminating and unifying skin color.

They also have Diamond Peel, a microdermabrasion or a non-invasive exfoliating procedure that refreshes and renews the skin for a new vibrant glow. Furthermore, if you want to improve the texture of the skin revealing a regenerated skin that is smoother, lighter, softer and less-wrinkled, you may avail the Ultimate Power Peel which is a combination of diamond peel and glycolic acid (natural skin exfoliant).

Certainly, you would not want to neglect your body skin. Thus, Diana Stalder also offers Intense Body Bleaching for a convenient, non-evasive to achieve a body that is fairer and younger looking; Milk and Coffee Scrub body treatment for a smooth, glowing and tightened skin, as well as cellulite improvement; and Skin Yoga, a combination of body scrub and bleaching, for an even-colored, glowing and healthy-looking skin. There are also procedures that are strictly done by doctors, like the Absolute Power Peel which uses trichloroacetic acid (TCA) to achieve medium depth peel; and Glycolic Peel which uses glycolic acid to help improve fine wrinkles, areas of dryness,and uneven pigmentation.

No to Zit and Dirt
Say NO to zit and dirt with Diana Stalder’s anti-acne services. They have the Acne Cure Facial, for normal, moderate and severe, that gently clears your face of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples thus providing you an acne-free and a healthier skin.

You could also avail Pimple Injection to immediately reduce the inflammation of large acne lesions. If you have back acne, you don’t have to worry because they also offer Back Acne Cleansing.
For a premium offer, they have the Casmara Shinestop Facial Treatment (with REAFFIRMING MASK to absorb oil and other skin impurities leaving your skin detoxified and moisturized) is an specific dermopurifying treatment that eliminates excessive oil production. It also optimizes the moisture of the skin thus leaving your skin in a matte finish.

Medical procedures (done by doctors) are also available with specialized Pimple Treatment, Acne Surgery, Acne Peel and Skinvigoration, one of the best-selling medical procedures which involves the use of an Auto Microneedle Therapy System that stimulates collagen formation, reduces the appearance of scarring, restores elasticity and reduces pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

Be Forever Young
Reminisce no more with your youthful days as you can always live with a younger-lookingsk in! Diana Stalder offers various anti-aging treatments for pre-aging to aged skin.

Dermalift Treatment is the best seller anti-aging treatment which is a revolutionary, non-surgical technique that utilizes micro-current to stimulate the production of the skin’s natural collagen and elastin. The skin will be lifted and toned along the jawline and cheekbones, expression lines will be smoother, large pores are reduced, and lines around the mouth are less evident. Visible improvement on skin texture and brightness are noticeable on single treatment.

They also have the Casmara premium line of anti-aging treatments like the Casmara Anti-Oxidant Facial with strong antioxidant effect from Goji extract; the Casmara Botox Alternative Facial which is a regenerating treatment; the Casmara Lift And Firm Facial for dry, tired skin and generally for skin in need of repair, requiring an energy boost; the Casmara Skin Sensations (with Gold Mask) that provides all skin essentials for the proper functioning of the skin such as water, minerals, vitamins and many other; and lastly, the Casmara Stem Cell Facial which is a very powerful treatment that contains the newest active ingredients following the latest scientific technology regarding skin rejuvenation.

Furthermore, you can also ask for Doctor’s procedure which includes:
  • Botox which involves injection of prescription medicine into the facial muscles to treat facial lines or wrinkles; 
  • Syringoma Removal to selectively destroy and thermally injure syringomas on the surface of the skin;
  • Micro Botox that injects diluted prescription medicine into your face to reduce oil production, pores tightening and skin tightening for a radiant and glowing face;
  • Dermal Fillers which involves injection of Hyaluronic Acid to immediately improves wrinkles, folds and other skin depressions. It also helps plumping up or restoring volume of target areas such as lips and eyebags

Body Beauty
Don’t neglect your body shape as Diana Stalder provides body services such as Meso Sculpt body contouring treatment that eliminates and stop the development of new fatty cells; Lipo Sculpt non-invasive ultrasound procedure that is used to eliminate your body fat while redefining your figure. It can target your abdomen, arms and thighs; Slim Line which is an electronic muscle stimulation machine that helps your body slim down, tones and firms muscle and reduces cellulites; Laser Hair Removal that penetrates the hair roots to disable the growth of unwanted hair; and, Aqua Detox which is an effective alternative medicine treatment to re-balance, re-energize and detoxify the body.

It Goes With A Regimen

For a more effective skincare routine, Diana Stalder has a variety of product kits, as follows:

  • WHITENING KIT, effectively designed to whiten and rejuvenate the skin, it contains a mild agent that cleanses and moisturizes the skin;
  • ANTI-ACNE KIT, specially designed for oily and acne-prone skin, it has a natural antibacterial agent that heals and dries up pimples fast;
  • ANTI-AGING KIT, specially formulated to reduce the signs of aging, it keeps the skin hydrated to maintain its suppleness and delay wrinkle formation;
  • MELASMA KIT, specially formulated to reduce dark spots and eliminate skin pigmentation and blemishes;
  • BODY BLEACHING KIT, effectively designed to lighten the skin tone of the body, it has a mild peeling effect, removes blemishes, rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin; 
  • UNDERARM BLEACHING KIT, specially formulated to lighten the skin tone of the underarms, it has a mild peeling effect which effectively whitens the skin.

With Diana Stalder Face, Body, Skincare Center, clients are encouraged to be better everyday whatever circumstances they may have, as they live with “The Promise of a Better You” across all skincare needs.

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