Friday, May 25, 2018


Parents want only the best for their children. Scarlet Snow Belo, is a perfect example of how parents devote time and effort to make sure that their children have a bright future.

Scarlet’s parents, who are both doctors, are aware of the challenges that come with bringing up their daughter in today’s world. Technology, environmental changes, and lifestyle shifts have redefined the way people do and view things. Genetics can also have an undue influence on health.

But Dra. Vicki and Dr. Hayden refuse to be overwhelmed and instead, have chosen to be in charge of Scarlet’s future.  Each day, they make sure that they make informed decisions governing the different aspects of her life – physical, mental, emotional. As parents, they recognize that they have the power to change her future. They also know that it is never too early to do so.

Recently, Scarlet Snow was officially introduced as the newest ambassador of NANKID during a summer playdate hosted by the brand. The playdate brought back Nestlé NANKID’s Parentology+, an advocacy to guide parents in reshaping the future of their children. Scarlet embodies how her parent’s solid commitment, knowledge, and support, are creating a strong foundation for her future, and can inspire other parents to do the same for their own children.

At the playdate, parents who live the Parentology+ principles and their children took part in various fun activities that helped stimulate the children’s minds and taught them the basics of socialization and living a healthy and fit lifestyle during the summer season. Together, the stations were designed to help parents to the various aspects that contribute to their kids’ holistic growth.

The nutrition station reinforced the importance of a good and balanced diet to make sure that kids will have all the vitamins they need to grow healthier, stronger and smarter. In the socialization station, kids played with each other in fun and challenging life-sized board games. The station emphasized how socialization helps kids not only build relationships but enables them to work well with others, learn empathy and develop problem solving skills.

Kids also had fun playing games and being active in the pool. While the kids were playing, parents were reminded about the importance of physical activity. Exposing children to outdoor activities helps develop their muscles, and prevents them from getting sick.

Among those who joined the event were fellow brand ambassadors Cat Arambulo Antonio and son Asher, Joy and Gian Sotto and son Rosanno, Steph Kienle Gonzalez and daughter Andrea, Steph Zubiri Crespi and son Sebastian, Anton Del Rosario and son Myles, and Mikaela Martinez Lagdameo and son Tyler. The parents swapped tips and stories about parenting concerns, while keeping an eye on their active children.

“As parents, we can take simple steps at home to reshape the future of our children. It’s the seemingly small things we do in the different phases of their lives– diet and nutrition, exercise and activity, socialization, creativity—that will make a difference in their future,” shared the NANKID ambassadors.

Over the past few months, Nestlé NANKID has held a series of Parentology+ events that featured food, physical activity and socialization-- visitors got to take drool-worthy photos of food, jump into a ball pit, and play on a giant piano!

Along with Scarlet Snow Belo and her fellow Nestlé NANKID ambassadors, let’s join in on the journey of reshaping the future together, today! Visit for more details

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