Thursday, September 20, 2018


Anything is good if it's made of chocolate. ❤

Yep, one of my guilty pleasures is chocolate, and hazelnut flavor is my ultimate favorite. And if you're following me on Instagram you would know how I am always excited whenever Goya sends me a package that includes Goya spreads.

The first time I tried the Double Hazelnut from Goyw I can't believe it's from Goya. It is rich with flavor pero ang mura lang nya for a chocolate spread. We are all familiar with Nutella. And to be honest with you, I only tasted Nutella when my sister sent us one from the US. Ang mahal naman nya kasi. haha! But you know what? Nutella and Goya Double Hazelnut tasted almost the same. Ang galing! Ang good news doon, if you're craving for a chocolate spread, Goya Double Hazelnut is half the price of Nutella. And mas malaki pa yung nasa jar.

So, why spend more if you can get it less? Nowadays, kelangan nakabudget ka when you do your grocery. Kailabgan wais and smart ka when making choices pag nasa loob ka na ng grocery. Pero you don't want to deprive yourself oe your familynaman from eating or giving in to your craving. Buti na lang Goya has heard our wishes. The standard price of their 350ml is around php170 only. Not bad, right?

Anyway, when I first received an invite from Goya to attend their Lifestyle Camp I blocked off the date right away. Haha! I was excited to learn more from Goya esp. this brand has been a staple in our house when I was growing up. I loved how they evolved through the years and has come up with more kinds of chocolates and at par with imported ones. Yep, nag level-up na ang Goya and naging world-class na ang taste nya.

So when I attended Goya's Lifetyle Camp for us moms, I was excited to see all the Goya products and learn more from their invited guests as they shared their wisdom and inspiring stories.

Kelly Misa, a prominent commercial model and a mother and Camille Pratts a well-known actress (hello Princess Sarah) shared that we can't believe everything that are posted on social media. We should be responsible to filter whatever that is presented to us on social media. Alam nyo yun? Ang dali dali kasi magpost on Instagram na mga curated photos. Na parang ang perfect ng life, with the perfect angle, lighting and background. Sometimes I wonder id they wear pambahay clothes like me e, haha!

Honestly, super conscious ako on what I post especially on my Instagram. I'm trying ro build a pattern and consistency kasi. I rarely or don't post selfie or picture of me without wearing lipstick. Haha! Can you relate? I hope so. Alam kong hindi ako nag iisa.

But you know what, I was reminded by Camille and Kelly that not everything should be perfect. Kasi life on social media is filtered. Maybe hindi natin alam kaya may perfect background or perfect angle it's because they're promoting something or feeling pressured to have an almost-perfect post.

And away from the lights and makeups, the people we follow are like us. And like Kelly shared, she too, knows the struggle of not having a yaya or maid..just like me. With an active toddler, you can't tell na hirap sya mag alaga on her post, right? Knowing that these moms relate to our everyday struggle, made me think that what we see of them on Instagram, made-up and everything is just a fraction of what they really are in real life.

I was also inspired in what Lourd Ramos, the well known hair stylist shared that day. He shared that he'll not be at this point of his life if he did not have the determination and persevarance. And he knows as a struggling hair stylist on his earlier days, he studied his craft well, treated his staff as part of his family to build loyalty and trust. From thinking of "hair stylist lang ako", he levelled up the beauty industry here in the Philippines to be at par with world-class hair stylist. Because you see, when you set your mind that we are world-class, people around us will believe that, too.

And just like Goya, nag level-up sya from an ordinary chocolate spread to a WORLD CLASS Double Hazelnut Spread. Kudos to Goya!

Kaya tayong mga mommies, let's be wiser on what we choose when we do our grocery. Why spend more if you can get it at a lesser price? Promise, the taste of Goya Double Hazelnut Spread will not disappoint. #GoDoubleGoSmartChoice tayo for our family.

I also took the opportunity to have a photo with Kelly and Camille.

And you know what? Madami palang pwedeng gawin sa Goya Double Hazelnut Spread. You can also level it up and use it as part of an ingredients. Galing noh?

Let me share with you what I made for Sofi as her afternoon snack.

Tadah! Check out our Goya Double Hazelnut Spread in French Roll Up. Sound fancy, right? Promise, super daling gawin.

Here's the ingredients:
  • Goya Double Hazelnut Spread (or any Goya spreads)
  • White slices of bread
  • 1/4 cup of milk
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 2 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 3 tablespoon butter

1. Trim the crust of the bread and flattened it with a rolling pin. (Since we don't have a rolling pin, we used glass instead. Hehe) and put Goya Double Hazelnut spread generously on the bread and tightly roll up.
2. In a bowl put together the milk, pure vanilla extract, eggs. Whisk and dip the rolled up bread.
3. Put the butter on a hot pat and sautee the rolled up bread.

And here you go! My version of Goya Double Hazelnut Spread French Roll-Up! Perfect afternoon snack for Sofi..perfect baon, too.

If you have any suggestion or if you do make something out of Goya spreads don't forget to tag me, ok? Excited to hear from you.

Goya Double Hazelnut Spread and other Goya products are now available in all leading supermarket nationwide.


Lovell Compoc said...

ayeeee bet ko mga simple recipes. will try this mommy kasi may natira pang double hazelnut goya at home🤗 bet kasi ng mga kids pinapapak nila😉

Jonna Cielo said...

Ang dami din tlga pdeng gwin gmit ang goya. 😊

Jonna Cielo said...

-cielo jonna