Wednesday, November 14, 2018


I'm one of those mommy who is always looking for healthy snacks for Isha. I'm glad Nosh Baby sent us their samples a few months back and we got to try them. 

Nosh Baby is an all organic baby munchies made of rice wafers that are perfect for snacking. And we want you to try these for your baby's, too.

Nosh Baby is made of rice wafers that:

  • Dissolves easliy
  • No mess
  • Free of 8 common allergens
  • Always baked
  • No artificial colors or flavors

#TeamSofIsha happily munching their Nosh Baby

And because we want to give back all the love and support, I hope you'll join our #NoshBabyXTeamSofIshaGiveaway!

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Thank you Nosh Baby for sponsoring our giveaway. ❤


Jonna Cielo said...

Gusto ko to matry para sa baby ko. -Cielo Jonna

MajLife Blogs said...

My daughters favorite to Nosh!!
My youngest started to eat when she was just 6months and counting..
she and her ate can finish the whole box in a day( yes!! Whole box)
Thats how they love it!!
And even me cant stop
Myself on trying it..
so whenever we go for a grocery—Nosh is always part of our Grocery Cart!!

A healthy snack that we Cant Stop NOSH-ing!!