Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Still thinking on where to celebrate love this Valentine's Day with your loved ones? Who said that it should be expensive? I had a pre-valentine's date with Sofi yesterday (you can watch it on my IG Story) and had an awesome time. Paid less 20% off on the total menu. How??? Using an Eatigo app. of course! And not only that, you can get as high as 50% discount with your choice of restaurant with the help of Eatigo!!! Exciting!

So, will be sharing with you how and where to spend Valentine's Day and still have extra moolah because of the huge discounts when you dine in at a restaurant. You're welcome. Hehe! :D

While it’s not an official holiday, Valentine’s Day continues to be a time honored custom for those who want to show extra affection for the people they love. And for those who have a romantic dinner in mind,  Eatigo has listed down below some of the best date places that’ll give you and your date some pretty sweet discounts up to half-off your total bill!

Kicking off the list is Rambla at Salcedo Village, where romance comes in the form of Quesos, Embutido Ibericos, and a mix of both, the Queso y Embutidos. Tapas Frias are also and the menu, and wine is a must. The place itself is bright, quirky, lush, giving off a casual yet posh vibe for you and your date.

Nearby you’ll find Bar Centrale, a sleek and industrial bistro ready to serve you some mean Italian dishes. Among the must-tries are the Insalata Caesar, Spaghetti Alle Vongole, and Tiramisu. For drinks, you can’t go wrong with Italian Margaritas. Surely, you’ll have a wonderful time.

If your idea of a Valentines Date is brunch, find your way over to Martin Place Social. Their hearty dishes will win you over, much like the bright and open concept of this place. “Eat. Drink. Inspire,” said their wall art. “Gladly,” we said.

Going along the day dates is Perry's Tea Bar & Bakehouse, a fancy tea room and restaurant that offers Artisanal loose leaf tea selections, freshly baked bread, and all much more. We love the chic and overall vibe of the place, too.

We can’t make a Valentine’s list that doesn’t have steak in it, and Stoned Steaks definitely needs to be here. Choose between the Angus Steak and Wagyu Steak, and then have your fill of their pasta. Liquors and cocktails are also on the menu, perfectly paired with your dinner.

Another good choice would be Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant, a place that gives justice to its namesake. The luxe yet homey ambience sets a great backdrop for dates, along with their premium steak selections that are enough to make your mouths water. Just let the servers know how you want you steak, and they’ll bring it to you in a well-cooked, truly delicious fashion.

Then we have Melo’s at Westgate Alabang. Their quite known for their own takes on both Angus and Wagyu Beef, so you know you’re in capable hands. Don’t be deceived by the bright pink facade. If what you’re after is a romantic dinner date, this is the place for you.

Lastly, there’s Mulberry Door at BGC. They have a Valentine’s Day menu with comes with your choice of soup, main course, and dessert. But if you’d rather sample their daily menu, the Matteo’s lamb burger with homemade taro chips and paella are musts. The restaurant has a beautiful, modern design decked with greeneries, aka, Instagram-worthy.

Got your date place of choice? Download the Eatigo app, sign up, and start booking with get up to 50% off! 

Enjoy your date!


Liezl Qaddoumi said...

Omgeeeeeeeeeeeee ang ganda ng ambience! So cozy! And not to mention the delicious foods! Drools! 🤤🤤🤤 They all look so Yummy!

Divine Labbuanan-Cabral said...

Wooooowwwww!!!!! Ang sarap naman jan mommy nakakasosyal plus malaki pa ang discounts...bongga!!! Nakakatakam din mga foods😍😍😍 no to diet nanaman hahaha😆😆😆 thank you mamsh sa tips!

Ma.Catherine Matugas said...

Nice perfect na perfect mag date dito pag valentines ang ganda ng place and for sure pati mga foods masasarap thanks sa info momsh ..