Wednesday, August 28, 2019


As a mom to Isha, I'm always on a lookout for new baby products. I like to discover brands that I can try with Isha, but of course dapat sa reputable brand din. We all know how sensitive baby's skin kaya we need to be careful also what brands to use.

Choosing a diaper brand sometimes get confusing noh? Honestly, it's is one of the hardest decisions every new parents has to make. Kasi you need to see to it na aside sa maganda sya, hindi sya nagle-leak, walang skin irritation and a reliable brand as well. According to studies, newborn babies changes diapers at least 10 to 12 times per day. Of course, as they grow older, nagbabago naman, mas lessen na ang pag gamit ng diapers pero dapat quality pa din. But we have to make sure that the diaper our babies uses is a trusted brand, that offers skin protection and has a good absorbent material. Babies and toddlers' sensitive skin are prone to irritation, rashes, and redness caused by heat and moisture trapped by the diaper.

Good news! Merries, a diaper brand values most is for the babies and toddlers to stay in their diapers comfortably and smile 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It promises to provide a high performance product that allows mommies and babies to spend time together without any stress. And Merries is now available in the Philippines. Yaaaay!

Merries diapers are made of high quality materials, And with the success of the diapers' comfy and snug fit, Merries was given a Good Design award in Japan for their efforts. It is the #1 diaper brand recommended by Japan moms because of its premium quality.

Merries offers two types of diapers for babies. The Merries Tape Type comes in Newborn to Large sizes, while the Merries Pants Type comes in Medium to XXL sizes. Both variants use soft, fluffy, and breathable materials to keep the baby's skin dry and minimize friction.

Merries diapers have polumer for maximum absorption event under pressure and it prevents leakage. There's also a wetness indicators in the diapers' design. A non-woven and elastic leg garter and 3D Side Garters not only provide a snug fit, it also helps the leakage and prevents heat from being trapped inside the diaper.

Tape type has a  " Light Airy Wavy Mesh" for its inner surface, that allows moisture to pass through the space between the skin and the surface sheet. The concave of the mesh sheet catches soft feces or poop to prevent dispersion.  While Pants thype is equipped with "Airy Waist Channels" that drives away the heat and moisture inside the diaper. It gives more long lasting dryness and comfort that prevents irritations.

Merries diapers are now available in selected Rustan's Supermarket.

Thanks to Merries for ensuring our babies' comfort and needs, and for giving high quality diapers that provide comfort and can absorb greatly, there is value for money.


julietagumolleres said...

wow gusto ko ma try to sa ank ko mommy ang ganda nia for babies

eya_greyjoy said...

Waaah 😍😍 Itry nga din namin to kay baby 😍😍

Sharon cubos said...

Hoping to win po mommy jean 1st time ko po gagamit ng marries diaper po sa pag kakaintindi ko po sa nabasa ko maganda quality po at
Made to japan. Cute design

Sharon cubos said...

Hoping to win po mommy jean 1st time ko po gagamit ng marries diaper po sa pag kakaintindi ko po sa nabasa ko maganda quality po at
Made to japan. Cute design

Kim said...

Wow sana makapagtry ako nito para kay baby girl Ko .Thank You for sharing mommy Jen

Claire Castillo said...

It is important that our children is comforrable enough and this will help them to sleep better. Thank you Momsh ❤️

roseryansayrrone said...

I want to try this for my baby 👍
Thank You for sharing 😘
God Bless 😇🙏