Monday, September 30, 2019


Being a Mom for almost 13 years has its ups and down. It takes a lot of energy and sacrifice. The daily struggle to finish all house chores, taking care of my two girls, attending my family's needs, meeting and finishing deadlines for work . It challenges my time management skills, and of course, my patience. But being able to raise my daughter while pursuing my career has been so fulfilling. So I am always on the lookout for ways to help me manage my mom duties and work demands more efficiently. 

I unplug on weekends to focus on my family. We usually make our weekends available for our kids, creating memories. It may be simple, food tripping, walking and playing in parks, strolling the malls, our main agenda is always with family. Whenever I need to attend events on weekends, I always ask and see to it that I can bring them, too. 

Technology has been such a blessing. The time I would have spent queuing to pay my bills, I can devote to quality time with my teenage daughter. Instead of us na masasayang ang oras namin kakapila to pay bills, we'd rather have milk tea and coffee and just spend the day bonding over good conversation. Kaya ang laking bagay that we can now pay bills online. And I'm glad we have a virtual wallet that we can use anytime, anywhere, especially in case of emergency that we sometimes forget to withdraw, bring our atm's or walang mahanap na atm machine.

One time, it was my mom who picked up Sofi sa school, she told me that they need to buy something that she needs to bring the next day to school. Yikes! My mom did not bring extra money to buy for her special project. I was at home with Isha when Sofi called me up. Grateful that we're both GCash users. I just opened my GCash app and used Send Money to wire P300 to her. Real time, she got the cash. Hooray! GCash saved us from the hassle!

I cannot imagine being a working mom without apps like GCash. It just helps me make the best out of my time and spend it on more important things.

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