Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Two months into quarantine, I can say most of my activities were made in the kitchen. Don't we all? Haha! With working from home, families are complete, we have to think of dishes to make or be adventurous and try a new one. We haven't tried online delivery this quarantine kasi sa totoo lang medyo nanghihinayang ako, hehe. Medyo magastos din kasi if palaging magpadeliver ng food especially if we have a budget and we need to stick to it. Usually kasi when I cook a main dish, tanghalian at hapunan na din sya. If sobra pa abot hanggang the next day. Haha! There's nothing wrong if you feel like ordering food online, but I guess iba pa din ang satisfaction as a mom if my fambam is happy for every food I make for them. Kaya naman naging goal ko din whenever I read recipes and making menu plan for the week, I always make sure that the fambam will love it and it's within the budget. From dessert to everyday ulam, aside sa healthy sya, dapat swak na swak din sa ating bulsa.

Good thing Canva Kitchen is sharing their ECQ edition recipes, simple, healthy and affordable dishes that we can prepare for our fambam. Chef Russel, resident in-house chef of and online design platform, Canva, shared his affordable, nutritious recipes that he prepares for Canva employees.

Side story, my girls especially Isha loves sinigang. If we can have sinigang everyday she would eat it. Haha! Aside sa delicious sya, healthy pa because of all the vegetables na sahog nya, sabaw pa lang ulam na. But to be honest with you, kahit fave sya ni Isha I only tried cooking sinigang once. I always asked my mom kasi to make one for us. Pumalpak na kasi ako one time and I never tried again, haha! But after checking out Chef Russel's recipe, I challenged myself and I thought of re-creating his sinigang na salmon.

So here you go.


Ulo ng Salmon and belly strips
1 bundle of Sitaw
Okra (trimmed)
Tomato (diced)
Onion (diced)
Knorr Sinigang Mix


  1. In a soup pot, add water, onion, tomato and salt, then bring to a boil
  2. Put the Knorr Sinigang Mix into the broth
  3. Put the Salmon, Okra, Sitaw into the boiling broth, then cook
  4. Turn off the fire and cover with lid
  5. Serve it hot

Charaaaaannnn!!! Can't believe it's so easy to make. Haha! What took me so long? And can you believe it's less than Php250 to make? It's good for lunch and dinner time.

Aside from sinigang na salmon, next on my agenda is to re-create other Canva Kitchen recipes like pesang manok, and cinnamon rolls. Will be sharing my re-creation (naks!) soon.

To know more recipes from Canva Kitchen, you may visit Saan aabot ang Php250 mo?

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