Thursday, July 23, 2020


Did you know that your baby’s skin is his first line of defense for the body? More than ever, parents need to know how they can keep their baby’s skin healthy and protected. However, in a time when access to hospitals, doctors, and the specialists we rely on is limited, it’s easy for moms to feel uncertain about where to get the right information and services to ensure the safety of their little ones. That is why JOHNSON’S®, a leader in healthcare for over 126 years, partners with doctors, midwives, parenting and birthing experts to help moms provide gentle protection for their babies.

Babies have a weaker skin barrier and therefore have a higher exposure to irritants, allergen penetration, and infection. This skin barrier is still developing and can be very sensitive to change. As a result, some ingredients that work well for adults are too harsh for babies’ skin. “Delicate baby’s skin needs extra special care. That is why for the first year of an infant’s life, it is important to choose gentle products that have been carefully formulated to support a healthy skin barrier and protect babies from common skin conditions,” recommends Dr. Marivi Dizon, a Pediatric Dermatologist.

“Moms should look for gentle products that do not simply cleanse and moisturize but have the ability to protect babies’ skin against harsh things in the outside world that can harm them. I invite moms to look for products that are doctor-recommended and are clinically tested for safety,” shares Dr. Robert Kwon, Johnson & Johnson Associate Director for Scientific Engagement for Research and Development.

 When it comes to a brand recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists, JOHNSON’S® baby wash and lotion are clinically proven to be gentle and mild that they can be used from the first moments of life and shown not to disrupt a baby’s naturally developing skin barrier. JOHNSON’S® bath and lotion, when used as a regular regimen, provides 100% Gentle Skin Protection against dryness, redness, irritation, germs, and pollution.

“We are living in unprecedented times, and we at JOHNSON’S® understand the anxiety, fear, and confusion that a lot of parents are feeling right now. But with JOHNSON’S®, moms do not have to feel alone. Together with JOHNSON’S®, a brand recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists, moms today can find a trusted and reassuring partner in keeping their babies’ skin healthy and protected at all times,” says JOHNSON’S® Baby South East Asia Marketing Director Maimai Punzalan.

To help moms navigate in this new normal, JOHNSON’S® launched the School of Gentle, a series of informative Facebook lives in partnership with healthcare and parenting specialists. The JOHNSON’S® School of Gentle aims to bring doctors and other baby experts closer to moms, and equip them with the right information to provide the best care and protection for their babies especially during this time of uncertainty. To know more about the JOHNSON’S® School of Gentle, visit

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