Thursday, September 10, 2020


Remember when eating out meant heading for the family’s go-to fast-food place to eat our all-time-favorite fried chicken? We just couldn’t have enough of crunchy breaded fried chicken smothered with delicious gravy! 

Gravy reminds us of fun and laughter and relishing comfort food—the stuff unforgettable meals were made of. And these days, when we need to be safe and socially distanced, the cravings do not really go away. We still yearn for the chance to step out just to eat chicken dipped in delicious gravy. 

Fortunately for us, we can now have delicious gravy any time and any day we want—with UFC Gravy Sa Sarap. 

UFC Gravy Sa Sarap, the pioneering and innovative ready-to-eat gravy product from leading producer and distributor NutriAsia, tastes just like every Pinoy’s favorite restaurant gravy.

With UFC Gravy Sa Sarap, NutriAsia believes we can make mealtimes memorable and fun once more. “We want Filipinos to relive that joyful feeling they had when eating out—right in the comforts of their home. UFC Gravy Sa Sarap helps them to reconnect with these simple and precious memories,” says NutriAsia Senior Group Category Manager Jean Reyes.

The first of its kind, UFC Gravy Sa Sarap is handy and convenient—no need to prepare or cook before enjoying it. This delicious gravy is not just for fried chicken. To add flavor to home-cooked meals, it can be paired with different viands.

NutriAsia takes pride in the delectable taste of UFC Gravy Sa Sarap. “It is reminiscent of the classic gravy flavor we savored during restaurant visits with our families,” Reyes says. “At NutriAsia, we aim to make Filipino meals more delicious and enjoyable. Adding gravy to our list of top sauces and condiments turns home dining into a more memorable experience,” he adds.

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Pour the love of UFC Gravy and make mealtimes complete. When we get to enjoy healthy and flavorful dishes with our families, staying at home can be fun and enjoyable, too.

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