Thursday, September 10, 2020


Kwento ko lang, Pizza Hut will always have a big place in my heart. My father who is an OFW since I was 2 years old, naalala ko na every time he will come home for a month, lagi nya kaming nilalabas and Pizza Hut was one of our favorite place to eat. We have lots of photos sa Pizza Hut, and it's still memorable up to this day.

Fast forward today, Pizza Hut is still Makin' it Great! Aside from innovative treats na nilalabas nila yearly for us to enjoy and experience, Pizza Hut recently launches their very own app - PHApp. Yesssss!!! We can now order our favorite Pizza Hut any time, any where.

Pizza Hut recently embraces the digital world by launching their own app. And with just a few taps on our smartphones, we can have Pizza Hut and other treats without leaving our comfort zones.

I already tried ordering via the PHApp and I liked how simple, clean. convenient and easy to navigate the app is. The PHApp brings the most delicious pan pizzas, like Super Supreme Pan Pizza, Meat Lovers Pan Pizza, and more of your Pizza Hut favorites right at your fingertips

Here are the features of the app:
1. Easy to use - making the customer journey more seamless.
2. Order for Take Out or Delivery
3. Order for now or for later - order in advance option available, up to 14 days before the date of pick-up or delivery
4. Store-finder based on your location so you can find the nearest open Pizza Hut store for dine-in or take-out
5. Easy re-order options as the app saves your information
6. Exclusive menu and deals - for a limited time Pizza will be launching exclusive in-app only deals for all orders made through the app. As the first promo, customers will be P100 off all large pan pizza purchase plus free KitKat Pops! More other exciting promotions are in-store for the rest of the year
7. With a store finder feature, the PHApp helps pinpoint the nearest Pizza Hut stores

If you're planning a family celebration or some well-deserved bonding time with friends, then the PHApp is your best bet! You can order 14 days in advance before the date of pick-up or delivery, taking out all the stress in planning. Thinking about dining out or looking for the nearest Pizza Hut store to pick up your orders from? The PHApp has got your back. With a store finder feature, the PHApp helps pinpoint the nearest Pizza Hut stores.

The app also makes ordering effortless! All you need to do is input your delivery details once and the app will remember it for you, ensuring a seamless ordering experience.

"We're all about helping our customers have the best experience when they order their favorite Pizza Hut treats," Lorent Adrias, Senior Marketing Manager said. "The PHApp makes that a reality, and with just a few swipes and taps on their phone, they can have their Pizza Hut favorites for take-out or delivered straight to their homes."

Here's our order! Yaaay We took advantage yung mga promo nya para masulit namin ng buong fambam.

The PHApp features exclusive menu items and deals. If you order today, you can get a large pan pizza and enjoy P100 off and free KitKat Pops! And there are more offers and deals in store for you, so download the PHApp now!

Sealed for (y)our safety. Kudos to Pizza Hut for making it with love.

To know more about the PHApp and the latest Pizza Hut products and promos, visit or like and follow Pizza Hut on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

PHapp is available for download on both google play and apple app store.

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